Madonna and yoga; a love affair

My gay best friend reminds me, time and time again, that Madonna has stopped doing yoga. “She’s with Tracy now,” he would say. Or ” She’s doing karate.” No more Sun Salutations on the Rosie O’Donnell show (a clip worth watching! see below). She no longer adds mantras to her albums.

Despite a 2010 yoga benefit  appearance by the Queen of Pop and her then ex-trainer Tracy Anderson, neither of them is very yoga-fahig anymore. Maybe squeeze in some Sun Salutations to warm up for your booty bootcamp. But yoga? Not very likely

So no longer yoga for Madge. No longer new albums to top her masterpiece Ray of Light. No more that ecstatic rush of happiness, that just blows of the screen from every You Tube vid tagged Madonna + 1998

Here are three videos from the blissful time Madge was still in love with yoga.

On Wednesday Feb 8, I will give you the Madonna Yoga Schedule.

Video 1:
In 1998, after the birth of her first child Lourdes and on the peak of her Ashtanga Yoga practice, Madonna released her best album to date, Ray of Light. The melancholic opening song Drowned World, is according to many fans, her best song ever.

Video 2:
Madonna showing off her gym-free body, “instructing” Ujjayi breathing and Sun Salute A on the Rosie n show.
It starts at 4m:28sec

In 2000 Madonna played Abby, a yoga instructor with a gay best friend, on the film The Next Best Thing.


2 thoughts on “Madonna and yoga; a love affair

  1. Madonna slowed down on yoga after her horse accident in 2005. She then focused more on Bikram and Anusara. She also does yoga stretches after her workout.

    • Thank you for clearing that up…I didnt all this! Although I do know Choudhury refued to teach her private lessons. Which is probably the only thing remotely funny there is to find about Bikram.

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