Madonna Yoga Challenge

I have a challenge for you!
It is to do Madonna’s Yoga for 6 days in a row,  leading up to Valentines Day next week.

Madonna used to practice yoga, for 20 minutes to 2 hours a day, for six days a week.

To participate, I need you to do the following:

* check your calendar if you can make 20 minutes a day available for yoga, starting tomorrow (Wed feb 8) to Monday (6 days)

* Buy or download the cd “Ray of Light”, from Madonna.  This is optional.

* check this website for Madonna’s yoga schedule

On Valentines Day I will give you a new home yoga schedule.
The combination of the Madonna Challenge and what I will give you on Valentines day- makes this assignment so powerful.
You will learn a lot about yourself, and about what is the right practice for you.

Trust me on this one. Roll out your mat tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Madonna Yoga Challenge

  1. I swear this is freaking me out.. I’ve had “Frozen” stuck in my since I woke up this morning, not having heard a peep out of anyone about Madonna (except on FB about the Super Bowl that I didn’t watch..). Anyway, I’m loving all these posts about her as she’s a huge inspiration to me! Looking forward to participating! This will be the 3rd challenge to tack onto my challenges this month! Luckily, it does fit into my original one: (#7). Hooray! ❤

    • Hi Nikki,
      Love your response, thank you!
      Will check out your blog soon, have to go out now, to teach (it’s evening in Netherlands)
      Madonna Challenge started yesterday (Wednesday) Did you find the two posts about this?
      1- The Madonna yoga challenge and 2. Madonna’s yoga
      This challenge is just 6 days 😉

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