home yoga: Madonna

“Yoga is a metaphor for life. You have to take it really slowly. You can’t rush. You can’t skip to the next position. You find yourself in very humiliating situations, but you can’t judge yourself. You just have to breathe, and let go.”                                                     Madonna

Madonna’s practice was 20 min to 2 hours of Ashtanga Yoga,
depending on how much time she had. You too can let this fluctuate.

Options for you Madonna practice are:

1) short routine (+/- 20 minutes + relaxation)
learn the Sun Salutations A and B. Which are traditionally practiced 5x each at the beginning of a routine.
You can check my schedule of this here and/or a video below for explanation (Dutch video too!)

2) 45 minute routine
Do the 45 minute series from David Swenson. Download my copy of that here.
Includes 3x sun salutations A and B.

3) 1 hour or 90 minute ashtanga routine
Check the first two videos below.

Soundtrack for this practice:
Ray of Light (1998) by Madonna
play all songs in regular order but skip 3 (Ray of Light)

Earlier posts on Madonna:
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1. Sunny and warm hour long Ashtanga class
includes sun salutations A and B (starting at 4m:10sec)
Don’t let the counting in Sanskrit confuse you. Yes, those are funny words 😉

2. David Swenson Full Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga
includes explanation on Sun Salutation (starting at 10m:30sec) 5x Sun Salutations A and B (starting at 25m) and the full primary series of ashtanga Total practice time 1,5 hour

3. Dutch workshop Sun Salutations A and B

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