Home yoga – Slim. The secret to taking control of your weight.

from Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga from Tara Stiles.
I’m posting
1) schedules
2) a summary
3) video
every Wednesday.
We end on April 3rd 2012, when Tara Stiles releases her new book.

1. Slim – the yoga schedules (part 1)

You can choose from these 4 routines:

routine 1: 30 minutes Metabolism Revving XL not in the book

Combines the other three routines to one practice.

routine 2: 5 minutes A.M. Metabolism Kickoff
You can start in bed if you like.
recommended 3x a week
Calms nervous system, focusses mind and increases metabolism.
cherish these first minutes of your day.
Keep a notebook near your bed by for any thoughts, instead of letting them clutter your head.

routine 3: 8 minutes Fat burning
recommended 4x a week
Hold down dog split for 5 breaths before you start moving.
Plank pose is very challenging, but keep your breath steady and long. Opt for a downdog in between, if holding plank for 60 seconds is too long.

routine 4: 15 minutes Metabolism Revving 
recommended 2x a week
Introduces shoulderstand and a twist with belly pressing against your leg: two poses famous for changing your metabolism.
Don’t practice shoulderstand when you are in your period.
Pinballing! When in upward facing dog, sway gently from left to right, shifting weight from one hand to the other and back. Great tension release of the whole spine. (and it looks very cute too 😉

Click on the links for a schedule or check the book.

2. Slim- the secret to taking control of your weight

The root cause of an unhealthy weight is cortisol: the hormone linked to stress.
– makes you overeat in foods high in fat and sugar.
– messes with the signals that control appetite and feelings of fullness
– encourages your body to store fat instead of burn it
– reduces the production of testosteron, causing loss of muscle mass, and reduction of metabolism

Yoga reduces cortisol levels within a few months, and slows down weight gain, and ensures weight loss when you’re overweight (study weight loss based on a 10-year period).

Yoga promotes awareness and mindful eating, and becoming more aware of how much you eat and how much (or how little) you move, is a crucial step in losing weight. All studies show that people who think they can’t loose weight, are underestimating how much they eat, and overestimating their activity.
Being mindful when you eat, allows your body to register fullness, and is a yogic path to start to eat less.

Note of M Yoga:
The easiest way to reduce stress, and lose weight, is to sleep more. Most stressed out people have trouble sleeping. And this is where yoga comes in: All practitioners of yoga sleep like babies.
So instead of focussing on your weight, or another diet? Do you yoga. Sleep like a baby. And the pounds will very likely melt away by themselves.

3. Video


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