Home yoga – Calm. Ohm improvements for maximum chill

This is home yoga 3 of  Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga from Tara Stiles.
Earlier posts:
1/7 Slim; The secret to taking control of your weight
2/7 Toning Full Body
We end on April 3rd 2012, when Tara Stiles releases her new book.

Home Yoga
Click here for this week’s schedule Calm XL
It is composed out of two Tara Stiles routines and includes headstand.
The routine designed to lift your spirits and beat anxiety and is recommended (only) twice a week. Pretty relaxed right? 😉

Calm: Ohm improvements for maximum chill

” Stress is like laundry.
If you don’t deal with it regularly, it gets out of control.”

The first post emphasized the effect stress has on your weight, but stress messes with more than your middle. Yoga and meditation significantly reduce anxiety, depression and anger. It lowers blood pressure, regulates breathing, and increases heart variability and increases tolerance for pain and mental stress. Yoga and meditation release endorphin, leaving you feel lighter, happier, calmer and more centered.
Effects can be expected within the first class, since most of us will remember that blissful feeling during their first long relaxation at the end of class.



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