Home yoga: two routines to help you relax

This is home yoga 4 of  Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga from Tara Stiles.
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We end on April 3rd 2012, when Tara Stiles releases her new book.

Home Yoga

This week’s practice are two original series from the book:
One to practice before you go to bed, and one that is titled Relaxation but it’s actually a pretty strong routine of standing poses! More on relaxation in the next paragraph.
click here, for the bedtime sequence
click here for the standing routine called Relaxation
If you like a Tara Stiles video instead of a written routine, scroll down for comparable videos.

Relaxation and how to do it

Three quarters of Americans have problems sleeping several nights a week. Having a regular yoga practice rids you of unnecessary energy and keeps tension from hanging around in your body and min. Tara Stiles recommends practicing the bedtime routine, three times a week.
If you haven’t moved enough throughout your day, your brain tries to compensate by making your body feel restless so it can move. Therefor Tara recommends doing the Relaxation sequence three times a week. It’s an active sequence which will help your body relax after.
Do the dishes. Make your bed. Live a clutter free life. It’s impossible to relax in a cluttered house. Making your home peaceful by picking up after yourself is part of your yoga practice.
Before bed turn of your computer and tv, and create a bedtime routine brushing your teeth, putting on your favourite pj’s or reading your favourite book. Routines help your body and brain prepare for what you want them to do.


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