Home yoga: 15 minutes to Sexy

This is home yoga 5 of  Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga from Tara Stiles.
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We end on April 3rd 2012, when Tara Stiles releases her new book.

Home Yoga

This week’s practice is a new 15 minute sequence based on the chapter Sexy.
Click here for the schedule.
This routine is recommended twice a week to reduce mental and physical tension, often stored in the hips. It also opens your heart and builds sensual energy.

Yoga and Sex

The natural outcome of yoga is a heightened awareness of your feelings – both emotional and physical. Scientists and sex therapists believe that mindfulness and being consciously aware of you body can enhance how you perceive erotic messages and make them more powerful. Next to heightening your body awareness, yoga also increases blood flow throughout your whole body and makes you feel better and sexier.
Women can only experience desire if their mind is involved, physical arousal is never enough and will even go by unnoticed. Unfortunately, the mind is usually occupied with stress and anxiety. Yoga can help you put things in perspective so you can push aside distractions and feel in the moment and excited.
And to top it off, research among women, participating in a 12 week yoga program, found that yoga resulted in better orgasms too.

1. Cute vintage Tara video, with bandana.

2. New. Tara and husband have chat. Sequence starts at 3 min:

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