Home yoga: Bend it like Tara

This is home yoga 6 of  Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga from Tara Stiles.
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We end on April 3rd 2012, when Tara Stiles releases her new book.

Home Yoga

This week’s practice covers the entire Chapter Fit, and consists of two parts:
1. Fit XL – a 15 minute work-out boosting overall strength, tolerance and willpower.
2. a Tara Stiles original routine focussing on flexibility; mostly seated poses, holding them for 10 long breaths.
Both routines are recommended three times a week.

Starting with a new routine, whether you learn it from a sticky girl schedule or use a video, always requires energy, making it sometimes tempting to stick with one you already know. But Tara explains how repeating the same routine for a long period of time will make it less challenging and plateau your results. Whenever you learn a new routine, it pays off to write it down, print it, file it, so you create your own set and can alternate them over time.

How yoga makes you fit
– Hones your balance.
Balance poses help with focus, speed, control, mental balance. Yoga in general prevents injuries and post-workout soreness.
– Improves flexibility.
Think of it as releasing tension on every exhale, instead of as stretching. Flexibility takes breath, time and patience. Practice the Flexibility routine three times a week (with patience) and you will see and feel dramatic results.
– Increase your muscle stamina
– Builds strength, in a balanced way.
When practicing the Fit XL schedule you’ll notice there are a lot of balance poses and challenging poses for your arms and upper body.
In general mellow styles of yoga aren’t intense enough to raise your maximum heartbeat or increase your lung efficiency, but during Fit XL my heartbeat was definitely up, and my breath was as if I was lifting weights. The type that are too heavy, but  you’re too lazy to change the disks 😉
Try it for yourself, but my impression was that Fit XL was not just strengthening but also a pretty intense cardio routine as well.

Two videos, comparable routines
Fit XL:

This is one of Tara’s older videos. So yes she’s always been this sweet 🙂


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