Home yoga: Moves that get your glow on

This is home yoga 7 of  Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga from Tara Stiles.
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Next week April 3rd 2012, Tara Stiles releases her new book.

Home Yoga

Yoga isn’t a practice meant to take you our of your body. It is a practice to put you in touch with your body so you can experience life fully.

A confession: I didn’t practice the XL sequence I made for you this week. Judging from the poses and the number you have to hold for 10 breaths (instead of five) I also suspect it’s loooonnnng, about 40 minutes or so.
To make it up I ll give you the individual routines (with times) too. Here’s an overview:
Gorgeous, Chapter 8, includes 4 different routines.
I already wrote them out once, modifying some of them. Here are the direct links:
Clear Skin (5 minutes)
Strong routine to challenge your body and purify your skin.
Confidence (12 min)
Backbends and some slightly intimidating poses to make you courageous and overcome your fears.
Glowing Skin (10 min)
Inversions to restore a healthy blood flow.
Smooth Skin (9 minutes)
Focusses on releasing physical tension, preventing worry lines and other stress.

By putting them all together into a master schedule I created:
Gorgeous XL

The routines are recommended 2-3 times a week, and Tara recommends squeezing in small 5-10 minute yoga routines during your day, to release tension from your face.


Blushing is just one example of how what you’re feeling inside, shows on the outside. If you’re in love, you glow. Yet when your nerves are out of whack, it interferes with your skin’s protective powers. Moving through the yoga poses and monitoring your breath revitalizes your entire body from a cellular level. It is a true beauty secret, no surgery needed. And you’ll naturally gravitate toward healthier eating and other practices that keep you looking good and feeling great.

This was my final Home Yoga from Tara Stiles book Slim Calm Sexy.
I thank her for her inspiration, tweets for my blog, and wish her all the luck of the world with her new book.



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