12 min a day: Get started

This week, M Yoga is starting a new series to get you back to your mat, or start your home practice.
First, a list of excuses you can’t use:
– no time to practice
– no clue what to do

This is a 7 week programme, designed to build a consistent daily practice. It starts of really easy, and it stays that way too.
This is what you do:
Week 1: you practice the Monday 12 minute series at least once.
Week 2: you practice Monday once, and a new series, Tuesday once.
Week 3: you do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

To prepare you for a daily practice it’s good to do more than the absolute minimum, and see on which days it is difficult for you to find the time, so you can start anticipating for future weeks.

After 7 days you will practice 7 days a week, 12 minutes a day, without any effort. We all have 12 minutes. And by building it up slowly, we’re giving ourselves the time to find them.

Routine 1: Monday , click to print photo schedule
Use a calming ujjayi breath, with the Darth Vader hissing sound in the throat.
You’re starting of with stretches, cat pose, and lunges, closing with legs-up-the-wall.
This last pose is an inversion. Do not practice it when you are in your period.
You can do lying butterfly instead.

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