12 minutes a day: Celebrate your spine

Last week’s 12 minute home yoga: Monday, hip opening poses.

Too easy. Too boring. I can’t feel it. I can already hear what you’ll think when this 12 minute Vini yoga sequence comes up. You’ll probably even complain that it’s a sticky doll schedule not a photo schedule, you’ll do anything to give yourself an excuse to skip it.

Since you’re already doing a good job on that yourself, I ll stick with the reason why you should try it:
Vini yoga works wonders on your back, your knees and your posture.
I don’t know how it works, I just know from experience that it does.

This vini yoga sequence is the second in a 7 part series, named after the days of the week. This way, you’ll work up to practicing a different 12 minute series every day.

Routine 2: Tuesday click to print schedule
Think of Vini yoga as Tai Chi-like movements: you relax everything you dont need. You’re muscles are soft, not active, arms and legs loosely bent.
Just like in the previous schedule Vini yoga is done with ujjayi breath, and advocates prolonged breathing.
inhale (ujjayi) for 4 counts
exhale (ujjayi) for 4 counts

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