7 weeks of Tara Stiles and workshops Netherlands

Welcome back to this blog – in the meantime I have been busy with M Yoga too. We now have our own studio! So from a blog, M yoga has become a studio in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

The upcoming 7 weeks I ll be teaching from the 7 schedules from Tara Stiles that I made for you this Spring. Please find them below, with a blogpost with alternative schedules and videos attached to it.

On september 19, Tara Stiles is teaching at Yoga Moves in Utrecht
She also teaches Saturday and/or Sunday (unclear) at Happinezz festival.

home yoga routine
For example: do them 7 weeks in a row, as a yoga challenge
Main Schedule(s) / blogpost
1/7  Metabolism Revving XL (30min)/ Slim; The secret to taking control of your weight 
2/7 Toning Full body XL (22 min)/ Toning Full Body
3/7 Calm XL (25 min) /Calm. Ohm improvements for maximum chill
4/7 bedtime (10 minutes) standing poses (8 min) /Two routines to help you relax

5/7 Sexy Yoga / 15 minutes to Sexy
6/7 Fit XL (15 min) Flexibility (12 min) / Bend it like Tara
7/7 Gorgeous XL (30 min)/ Moves that get your glow on

Wishing you all a great Summer!

M Yoga Nijmegen



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