Healthy January

by Suzanne L. Beenackers


Happy New Year to you! May it be a great year for your dreams, yoga, and all the other beautiful things life has to offer.

This season you will find here home yoga schedules, in sync with what I teach in class. I will  work through the book Yoga Cures from Tara Stiles.

For January focus is on getting in shape and improving flexibility to prevent any sports injuries. You can find a list of the incorporated practices, below.

Printable schedules, click on the name.

January – Strong
Standing poses, balance poses, core strength.
Can be combined with “Relax”.

January – Relax
Breathing exercises, hip openers, inversions and lying twists.

The schedules can be used as a guideline for anyone experienced with yoga, or taking my classes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Sequences from Yoga Cures from Tara Stiles (Dutch version) used for this series are: Shoulders (p 62), tummy (79), cellulite (84), diabetes (89), binge eating (94), flu (110), butt (112), sports injuries (115), high blood pressure (119), overweight (141), chest (163), thighs (166), sugar addiction (170), postponing (174). 

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