Paradise Yoga

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

Location number one:
My living room. The carpet could benefit from some vacuuming, I should bring my mug and plate to the kitchen, and if I roll out my mat I have a view on a cramped never-clean-desk and a pile of administration which I keep under the desk so that I don’t have to look at it all the time.

Location number two:
A terrace some place tropical, with an ocean view. The stones still warm from a day in the sun.

Which place looks more inviting for yoga?

Yoga benefits from being on a beautiful location, and not having your everyday worries in sight. But don’t let location stop you – what you hold in your mind is equally important. Your mind can create a paradise. This could be a memory, a fantasy, or a vision. It is a personal experience to visit your places of power. Pay attention to the colours, the smell, the energy of the place. Maybe you meet a guide, or a new version of yourself may speak to you. When you are in meditation, or doing yoga you eyes closed, you can envision a different place than the one you are, and let that place take care of you.

This type of yoga and meditation will deepen the connection with yourself and provide you with lessons that you can integrate into your life. The first one probably being that a clean home means a clear mind.

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