Messy January

Ah! I knew yoga wasn’t the answer.

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

This was January, as I clearly saw it before me, through a fog of wine, Christmas feasting and other perks of the Holiday season:
– I would move into my new studio, refurbishing it completely before classes started.
– I would work on My Secret Projects daily.
– I would write a Yoga Blog in the first week, the same way I had been doing every month for over a year.
– 2014’s classes would sell out swiftly
– I would do yoga every day, keeping me free from any physical ailments and providing mental clarity.

And this is January how it actually went:
– my cosey new studio is still in need of weekends of painting, has a window leaking buckets of water and is without an official renting contract. And the landlord fell ill, so it would be would extremely insensitive of me to press things.
– I didn’t invest even a minute in my projects since first day of teaching.
– Trimmed down the idea of blogging ahead about what was to be taught that month, to a more organic approach debriefing at the end of the month what had been taught.
– cancelled more classes than ever in my career
– fell ill with food poisening and am currently worried to tears because of an ill cat.
In fact the only thing that I did do, was yoga. Every day. Not counting the two days I was vom-  eh not feeling well.

And although I will keep doing yoga ( I’m on a 100 day Challenge), I would recommend you to  just throw back the lemons and demand chocolate 🙂

So here is everything we did this month! Including all the topics that were brought up by you.

De Complete Yoga Gids : Grote Schoonmaak & Reinigende Detox
De Complete Yoga Gids – Hormoonyoga
Dinah Rodrigues – Hormoonyoga

Offering Heart Chant (the long relaxation song)

Twist and Detox (standing poses)

You Tube Fitness with Zuzka Light

Oil Pulling Nederlands English
I prefer coconut oil (and to make it liquid warming it a little) and only doing it for 5 minutes

Ashtavakrasana (the ultimate “Selfie” pose)


One thought on “Messy January

  1. Hey Suzanne,

    Wat een start was dat. 😀 Heb genoten van de lessen en kom er achter dat ik nog wat extra mag detoxen. Mijn motto is loslaten. Tot in februari…. grz Joep

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