Open your heart

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

The belt says Boy Toy. Madonna did marry, within 2 years after this picture was taken. To Sean Penn. It didn’t work out.

I don’t do weddings. Maybe it’s the lack of spontaneity, the lack of excitement, or the fact that marriage leads up to pregnancies, family life and mortgages; three things that I have no particular interest in. Naturally (this is a euphemism for unfortunately) I can’t refuse all invitations and once in a while I muster all my socially acceptable behavior for the weddings of those with whom I  share a common gene pool with or the rare wedding-happy girl to belong to my closest, closest friends. But even at the weddings of my next of kin I feel like the bad fairy at Sleeping Beauty’s crib; afraid to cast an evil spell. By accident of course.

To make matters worse I haven’t had anything that would pass as “a normal relationship” in eight years, nor do I have any intention, desire or tendency to find me one of those. And yet, ever since I stopped having normal relationships, my life has been shockingly abundant with something I can only call one thing:

First, I stayed with my ex Mark. We were so good together that we made excellent roommates. Our final two years, living together as friends, were the icing on the separation cake.
When I moved out I found my BFF Marieke. We celebrate our 5 year anniversary this week. We have not invited anybody 🙂
I have since also intensified bonds with my good friend Martijn, Maartje and the other Marieke.
I also love my mother, Madonna, my felines Max and Willem.
And quite a few others! Some even start with a different letter.

I am without a love relationship, yet life has never been more abundant.
After being in an exclusive love relationship I fully appreciate the freedom of being alone and love my next of kin and the handful of friends I would even go to weddings for.

So no matter where you’re life is at, whether you’re going through divorce, single, settled, or still considering to tie the knot with Sean Penn – let it never be an excuse not to love.


These are February’s Yoga schedules:

Open Your Heart (sticky men schedule)

De Complete Yoga Gids : Ontspanning pagina 42-57

Love what is (audio meditation/ Savasana)

Madonna Grammy’s 2014 singing Open Your Heart wedding ceremony of same sex and transgender couples

Legs up the Wall Pose

Lying Butterfly pose with props.

Savasana music

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