Yogi Cameron knows best

Espress Yourself video with Model-not-turned-Yogi-yet Cameron. Click to go to the video

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

21 March 1989….

It is the 25th anniversary of the divorce album (with Madonna, that’s a good thing) Like a Prayer. The ending of her marriage (with Sean Penn, that’s a good thing) brought forth her first mature  album, a controversy or two, 11 songs, 6 videos and one aspirant Yogi. We just didn’t know it yet. Neither did he.

So now it’s 2014 and I am a yoga teacher, and photo model Cameron Alborzian is a Yogi. Which roughly translates as:
I drink wine, he recommends fasting.
I love doing yoga, he loves meditation.
I listen to Madonna, he recites mantras.

Cameron Alborzian in the 80s

Cameron Alborzian in the 80s

We couldn’t live in the same house without starting a war, but there are also things we agree on. That running is a bad habit. Along with drinking cold water, low-fat products and eating salads. Now to hold this opinion in the world of modern-day health advice, is nothing short of heresy. I think the last person who questioned these things was burnt at the stake in 1983.
Since I have no desire of ending up in flames, you don’t hear me!
But I happily refer to Yogi Cameron to tell you what is good for you and what is not.

The medicine Yogi Cameron studied is called Ayurveda, it is the sister science of yoga.

Yogi Cameron. Holding a plate of what you should be eating if you want to look like this in 25 years.

Yogi Cameron. Holding a plate of what you should be eating if you want to look like this in 25 years.

Yoga can teach you how to meditate and purify your energetic body, but if you keep filling your earthly body with crap, yoga really isn’t of much use. In Ayurveda the general guidelines apply to everybody: processed, canned and frozen food are no-nos. As are watching too much tv, constant texting, sleeping at daytime and staying up late.
Next to that there is specific advice based on your dosha – your imbalance.
And for pitas (the fiery types) and vatas (the moving types) running is a bad thing because it creates either too much heat as well as too much movement.
If you want you can read an interview with Yogi Cameron explaining the interviewer (female) why she is hot. And why that is not a good thing.

Other easy digestible nibs are these videos:
Yogi Cameron’s tour of his Crib
Yogi Cameron answers sex questions.
Yogi Cameron on Ellen.

If you want to see for yourself what your Ayurvedic constutition is, take this test.
And now that you know which dosha dominates you, you may want to try
Yogi Cameron’s Yoga routine for Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Yogi Cameron has out three books (The Guru in You, 21 Day Detox, and The One plan)
Here’s an impressive interview (pdf) with him.

In March we practiced fiery. Early spring is the Kapha season, everything (every body) is nice and juicy, and for 6 weeks we can do All You Can Yoga (not all you can eat…that’s the holiday season) with little danger of overheating or drying yourself out.
I used Sun Salutations, Warrior Poses and Heart Openers from our Dutch Guide:
De Complete Yoga Gids (Dutch)
1. Zonnegroet pag 14
2. Ochtendyoga pag 6
3. Alle series Ontspanning pag 42 t/m 57
4. (Helden)series Krijg meer zelfvertrouwen pag 58 en pag 74 Versterk je Wilskracht
5. de twee Detox series pag 118 t/m 125
De Complete Yogagids
o.a. te koop bij mij voor € 10,-

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