May’s videos and yoga schedules

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

NC 10410627_791502784223700_741687807120002421_nOh là là! We’re getting to the final series of our Dutch yoga guide “De Complete Yogagids”, still available at the website and I have a few copies left for you € 10,-. At the bottom of this post you find a complete overview with the final 8 schedules from that guide, completing our journey through The Yogagids.

Here are some cute videos, tests, and tips that you may want to check out!

1. Plank all over me.
plank all over meSwooning over young British actor Luke Pasqualino planking over a radio DJ. Planking (on the forearms) has actually become a bit of a hype, with people going on planking challenges, increasing the amount of time they hold it to up to 5 minutes. And posting their results on Fb of course. Luke holds it 1 min 48. Most of us dropped out considerably earlier in class.

2. Shoulder series video with Paula Lay

NC 10365932_782668588440453_475982333149909549_n

3. 5 Yoga Poses to practice first thing in the morning (photos)

4. Which Yoga Pose are you? Take the test.

5. funny animals doing yoga (photos)

This is an overview of the pages and titles (Dutch) that I weaved into class.

1. Helende Houdingen voor je weerstand 94-97
2. Gun jezelf een rustig herstel 98-101
3. Blijf gezond en energiek 102-105
4. Relaxed en ook nog slank 126-129
5. Train je buikspieren 130-133
6. Oefeningen voor buik, billen, benen. 134-137
7. Stoere houdingen voor sporters 138-141
8. Pittig en dynamisch 142-145


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