“Okay, my yoga children. We’re having The Talk”

compass-tara-stilesby Suzanne L Beenackers

Summer 2014. The vinyasa students are working up a sweat with the 42 Day Yoga Challenge, a home practice I designed based on the book Slim Calm Sexy Yoga by Tara Stiles. You can click to my last blogpost, scroll down, to get all the links.
For five weeks straight the vinyasa classes consist of painstakingly long sequences of standing poses (leave it up to Tara Stiles to connect 6 poses balancing on one leg), build-in planking challenges where you hold a push-up for, well …. forever, and flexibility sequences that will be utterly humbling. If you had the illusion you had mastered yoga, it’s the ultimate the 42 Day Reality Check.
But ironically the vinyasa students have picked the long end of the straw.
Because during the same weeks, in my hatha yoga classes, I m teaching something that gives me more cramps than standing splits: yoga and sexuality.
Now don’t get me wrong: I don’t have difficulty with sex, nor with talking about sex. When you take me to a party, your bed, or introduce me to your parents, you would have a hard time shutting me up about it.
If anything, I may need to talk less about sex.
Which I won’t, because I m having a way too good time but okay.
But to teach about the health of that whole region down there, and what it has to do with yoga and with sex, that would have been a gruesome 42 day challenge. And it would probably have scared all the students away, and no one would sign up for new season in September. So I did it for a week. From August 1- August 7 I discussed the relationship between sexual health and pelvic floor muscles.
Which is like the a,b,c of sexual yoga education.

The exercises for the hatha yoga classes in August are from the book Luna Yoga by Adelheid Ohlig. I was clearing out my house and putting books up for sale (Click here for my store) when I realized this was in fact a great book. I had no intention of parting with it anymore.
I got into it and designed different sequences that you can do at home. They’re all really good for your sexual organs and your libido. And be creative with it: flow, change, alter. Get instinctual as you move.

Luna Yoga 1  – seated openings sequence, strength building, backbends & hip openers

Luna Yoga 2 – hip openers, lying twists, lying butterflies

What makes Ohlig’s approach so different to other hormone yoga is that she taps into the ever changing flow of life. Other hormone balancing yoga (such as Dinah Rodrigues) is directive, and fast (Dinah does her own exercises at top speed in 15 minutes a day). Ohlig’s is a feeling approach, it is about being fully conscious of your movement. Which of course makes it more sensual, and less mechanical.
For best results practice them with joy, instead of thinking them over in an anatomical fashion. For extra fun; flirt, be sexy, fantasize, make inappropriate jokes when you go out, when you re in bed, or when you’re introduced to the in-laws.
But that’s merely optional 🙂

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