Building Blocks to a New Life

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

In summer, I gave you an option to engage in a 42 Day Yoga Challenge. What I didn’t tell you was that 42 day building blocks were part of my personal plan to give purpose slash meaning slash direction to a four month long void, in which I would not see my boyfriend slash lover slash crush-since-teens slash THE ONE. As you can see I still have trouble naming my situation.
After 8 years of being single things have settled down in an unlikely way. And my beau does not live close enough to surprise me with croissants in the morning, nor near enough to travel to over the weekend. He doesn’t live in Europe where we could still have a monthly rendez-vous, or a quaterly holiday where we intend to explore some foreign city yet end up seeing little more then our bed.
Not possible.

But being separated 5000 miles keeps us out of each other’s way when it comes to our ambitious projects and our need for free un-designated weekends. Except it’s not “our”;
I am the one needing those things.
The love relationship we have is painful for both, but I won’t deny its build-in distance serves me well. I can’t get grumpy over yet another weekend barbecue at his friends, a Sunday “wasted” watching Netflix, or the messiness of family life spilling over to my life. Until I am where I want to be, I would make a horrific spouse and impatient partner.
So what are the goals that I focus on these months? 
1. Get a steady income.
Actually this says BUILD A YOGA EMPIRE but because that must sound megalomaniac, I have trimmed it down for this blog to a steady income. Although few 42 year olds would consider my current financial means sufficient, my reason to increase my income is not that I have too little, but because I will be spending more.
Annual €2000 travel expenses, and will be working two to three weeks less.
Status 42 days after he left: Mission Accomplished. Looks like all targets will be met.
2. My Secret Project
Some of you know about this. Some don’t. But it involves a lot of writing, planning, and personal resistance to be overcome. Achievement in first 42 days of His absence: Zero. Nada. Absolutely nothing.
1376469_550653624988712_1008247743_n3. My body
I have a picture of a beautiful, gorgeous body, which I know (well think. Believe. Hope!) is feasible, and I would like to have acquired that at the end of four months.
Results so far: gained two kilos of fat, picked up one old knee injury and have an erratic home yoga practice.

So today is Day 42 and I’m starting my second round. Since I find loosing weight entirely uninspiring, I will aim for goal 2: My Secret Project.
After preparing this month’s classes
After making a new playlist.
And after admitting that visiting a city in Europe only to see the inside of a hotel room would have been pretty neat too. For 42 days on end.


This month’s classes are based on book Ulrica Norberg. Will be released in English in 2015.

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