Yoga Turns Back the Clock

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

This weekend I had a reunion at my high school. I met everybody: from the first guy I ever kissed, to several teachers and my former best friend. She reminded me that Mr. H. our geography teacher had been doing yoga back in the 80’s.
“Oh cool!” I answered. “At least one person who will be happy I turned out this way.”
Master degree students becoming yoga teachers must seem like an entire education has been wasted. So I started a thorough search throughout the building in order to locate him. On my way I met our Yoda-esque teacher German Mr. B., who had not changed one bit in 25 years. He explained he had stayed fit using the tennis platz.  I continued my search for Mr. H. He too looked like time had forgotten him, and affirmed that he had been doing yoga since the 70’s. He had learned it in Amsterdam, together with his training in several martial arts. He still did yoga daily. “Simply because if I don’t, I get punished for it.”
He told me how he had let it slide, and immediately had gotten complaints. “Arthritis,” he said. “I started having trouble walking.”
By that time I suddenly remembered how he had cats, and how his wife and children had replaced them immediately after they had finally died.
“How did the cats turn out?” I chattered. There are two year olds who have a longer attention span than me.
martial_arts“If you will let me finish my story? I’m trying to tell you that what you teach works!”
I nodded solemnly.
“And the cats?”

Mr. H. had been quite grumpy about his house mates introducing another cat. He had rather enjoyed the solitude of a pet free house. But after a while something happened, something peculiar. The cat had been sitting on the drive way as a big dog approached. It started to bark. The cat didn’t move. It started to growl and drew in closer. And still the cat didn’t move. And then just as the dog lashed out, trying to bite, the cat hit him. One well-aimed strike at the nose. The dog immediately fled. And the cat drew his paw in, like nothing had happened.
Yoga Turns Back the Clock“Our cat was the perfect martial arts fighter. Highly effective, without loosing his calm.”

Those are definitely the kind of lessons they should teach you in high school.

Printable schedules September/ October

Yoga turns back the clock – Monday

Yoga turns back the clock – Wednesday

Yoga turns back the clock – Friday


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