4 books about Yoga for Women

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

20141020_123342In October I teach the all-round and pretty challenging Yoga Turns Back the Clock schedule. I am also adding 4 books especially for women. In November I will give these four schedules Yoga for Women a rerun.
I fully understand four books is a bit much, and I hope you experience that you are free to pick up or engage as much or as little as you like.
This blog is merely to give you some background info on the stuff we do in class, and provide you with tools for your life or home practice, should you desire that.

Yoga for Women October and a rerun in November:

week 1: Yoga for Women by Shakta Kaur Khalsa (on Amazon UK). Here are the schedules:
1. Moon Salutations & small sun salutes
2. Breathing exercises, jaws and meditation

week 2: The White Tigress.
I wrote a blogpost about The White Tigress, including a photo schedule.
The White Tigress is not a yoga book, nor is it necessarily a complete do-it-yourself method, but it is a brilliant read and it does provide you with key insights on spirituality and longevity.
Its origin is a Taoist female sexual cult, so expect unconventional advice too.

week 3: Luna Yoga
I wrote a blogpost about Luna Yoga, including two schedules, covering all yoga postures in the book. But the book offers much more, including tea recipes and help to common ailments.
Luna Yoga is the sweetest book of them all!
Luna Yoga 1  – seated openings sequence, strength building, backbends & hip openers
Luna Yoga 2 – hip openers, lying twists, lying butterflies

week 4: Hormone Yoga from Dina Rodriguez
This the most well-known method of controlling hormones, especially during menopause.
I selected about a dozen of them, but I significantly changed them and proposed a different breathing technique.
Here is the Hormone Yoga schedule.
You can buy her book (in English or Nederlands) if you want to know the original exercises and more about her work.

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