The only resolutions for 2015 you may want to read

2014-07-16 10.27.51by Suzanne L. Beenackers

I had it ALL figured out. 2015 was going to be my PEAK year, the best year of my life. I had a zillion resolutions and three agendas to express gratitude for all I would accomplish, to record hours invested in difficult projects, log classes taught, hours spent on housekeeping, friendships and so on.
I had a 12 week video course.
A 14 cd audio course (it was recommended you listened to them within 10 days)
A brandnew book The Motivation Manifesto.
And my two older books the Happiness Project and The Best Year of Your Life.
To top it off I was inspired (better word would be: obsessed) by numbers and by performance artist Marina Abramovic. She creates her 20141207_190554_LLS[1]performance art around a certain time span.
Three months.
512 hours.
I saw this year as my personal exhibition 365 DAYS.
Maybe I could do yoga every day? Like a 365 day challenge?
Or maybe work an hour on my biggest frustration, a book I was self-publishing?
365, 365….what was I going to do for 365 days to create a brilliantly documented best year of my life?
I would go through the three books and the two courses before the end of the year. They would guide me to the best solution.

Until it hit me.

First; I intended to do the same things I had been doing for years. Just longer.
Resolutions to work on my book, yoga challenges, recording my hours; I had done it all before. And even when I stayed committed, I remember completing a 100 day yoga and fitness challenge, the routine vaporized quickly. Nothing stuck.
These resolutions and habits were short-term solutions at best. They would never lead to anything lasting (except frustration).

Second: In the areas where I am successful I have never made any resolutions.
I enjoy teaching and preparing my classes. And as a writer, I can write for hours on end. I cherish my friendships, love spending time with my family. I m the best cat mother in the world and I m a good date. Number of resolutions and planning involved to create all that? Zero.

Third: I was focusing on my failure(s) instead of on my passions. I was creating 365 days in a correction facility, not in a loving house to nourish my talents.

So I sat down and came up with a new list of things I intend to do in 2015 to make it the best year of my life.

1. NSFW Not Suitable For Work
These are two resolutions that are probably better off not sharing here. Either way they involve dating, men and sleeping in a g string. This last bit replaces any attempt to lose weight in 2015. I think sleeping nude or almost nude will make you happier (and most likely thinner) than any diet ever will.

2. A feeling of luxury
I m going to sleep in expensive hotels for at least 6 nights. I ve loved them since I was a teenager (they also mix very well with the NSFW category).

3. Take it to bed (yes, again)
Instead of forcing myself to work on publishing and promoting my book, I will sleep with the manuscript or a copy of the book. Sleeping with something is very beneficial for bonding. By improving the relationship with the book at night, our relation will benefit from it during the day. A radical different approach to forcing myself to work on it.

4. More love (less criticism)
Last thing to do at night? Look in the mirror and tell myself “I love you Suzanne” First thing in the morning? Same. And your puffy eyes are cute, Suzanne, you make me laugh you silly.

5. Saturday & lazy mornings
Saturday is my day offline. And for workdays: No computer until 10 a.m. and no email until 12. I teach at night and if I start my workday too soon I m worn down by the time I need to be at my best.

6. post shower oil-massage
Like 5, this is a routine I’m already doing. Completely love it.

So those are the things I look forward to in 2015!

I will also keep blogging the yoga schedules we do in class and review my 12 favorite self-help books, one every month. For January it will be: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.
Beware, the pocket edition has a small font. I have one second hand hardcover ( € 15,-) with a bigger font for the first person who contacts me.

ps: Voor de Nederlandse lezers- Lou Niestadt heeft sappige kalenders en een journal voor 2015 uitgebracht. Downloadable + printen en hop! Beginnen maar 🙂

Yoga Schedule December

From the same yoga book we did in November, we do the second half of the exercises.

December home yoga schedule: 30 Day Program session B

extra: November home yoga schedule (one page sticky man version): 30 Day Program session A

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