Permanent change; just a baby step and a question mark away

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

The Japanese science Kaizen focuses on how to change your life. The idea is to make the activity or step so small, it seems insignificant. Because unconsciously we – read: some ancient part of our brain wired to recognize man-eating carnivores and survive winter with the clan packed in a cave – feel threatened by change. And once the alarms go off (they re very silent!) your plan to;
a-journey-of-1000-milesread more;
eat less;
create more;
spend less;
and to have the best year of your life;
will fail.
So you don’t want that.

The road without resistance

To work around your internal defense mechanisms while you secretly change your life, you have two options. The first is to take a baby step each day. For instance:
read 1 page a day
decline 1 cookie
spend 5 minutes on your project
These targets do not raise any alarms, and will wire your brain differently. You re building a new road, a new connection in your brain, that will one day be strong enough for heavy traffic.
But today….just tiptoe!

For more abstract or threatening goals you can take a second approach:
ask a question.
Instead of focusing on your limitations or resistance, ask yourself the question:
What can you do?
What can I do today to make this day more memorable?
I less daunting than
That would scare the living daylights out of anybody.

Maybe you can’t clean the whole living, but you can bring the dirty dishes to the kitchen.
Maybe you can’t walk half an hour a day, but you can get off one bus stop early and walk 5 minutes.
Maybe you re home bound and can’t travel the world, but you can put a euro in a piggy bank to save.

With every big project, acknowledge that you can’t do the whole lot and then ask yourself:
But what can I do?

Yoga Monday January 5

These are two short videos and one schedule.
Yoga at your desk with Adriene 6 min
Quick stress fix with Adriene 6 min
12 poses to undo the damage of your desk job (Huffington Post)
I would recommend different sequencing: neck stretches, upward salute (mountain pose), forward fold, cat/ cow, dog pose, cobra pose, child’s pose, lying pigeon, butterfly, fish pose, happy baby. Pranayama: Shitali.

Make the steps as small as you need. Maybe instead of doing the video, your goal can be to watch it every day, to open the link, or to roll out your yoga mat, sit on it, and roll it back up.
It’s all keeping you on the road.

My classes in Nijmegen English page Dutch page



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