week 8/21: Yoga to go

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by Suzanne L. Beenackers

Already on a third of my 21 week long mission, quest, thing (this was me quoting hobbit Merry again) to teach from Yoga with Adriene videos. Now a couple of things are working out brilliantly:
1. I don’t have to come-up with what I ll be teaching- it’s pretty much set.
2. Which leaves me time to write great stories about my fetish for bankersdiet tips for Hobbits, and how to find the fountain of happiness.
But next to these successes, two things are not working:
1. I get wild with enthusiasm and spend an entire workday a week on writing this blog.
2. leaving no time or energy to commit to drawing accompanying yoga sticky men pdfs with the video.

I easily came up with excuses for not delivering the pdfs – this challenge was organic (great word for not keeping ones promises!) and besides most of you would probably have forgotten about it. And Adriene’s videos are so great! Sticky men schedules are static, and for the sake of clarity I have to simplify Adriene’s routine. So why transfer something really good, to something less brilliant right?
Just like videos, sticky men schedules are a valuable self-practice tool. They are easy accessible because you immediately see what you should be doing, you can practice off-line, at your own pace, and learn to turn inward and rely on yourself.
And you can print them and touch the paper! *soft delighted sigh* I keep my schedules in a ring binder and name them after World cities, role models, a special year, or give them clickbait titles as “Forever young”.

8 maxresdefaultSo this week I ll give you an overview of the 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene videos we’ve done so far + week 8.
This time I m making up for everything i missed! I m afraid this post took me two work days …..
So here are the schedules I made the first weeks + created the ones I missed because I was too busy with boys, my hips and writing about Miss Piggy.

week 8

I’m teaching from Yoga with Adriene for 21 weeks & provide her videos here for home practice. This is week 8. And this video is so good it belongs to the 30 Day Yoga With Adriene favorites.
Our week starts on Monday. You ll receive new blogposts every Sunday night.

Day 1 Ease into it                        35 minutes        pdf day 1
Day 2 Stretch & Soothe             33 minutes         pdf day 2
Day 3 Forget what you know    23 minutes        pdf day 3
Day 4 Yoga for your Back          20 minutes        pdf day 4
Day 5 Feel Alive Flow                  16 minutes        pdf day 5
Day 6 Six Pack Abs                      17 minutes        pdf day 6
Day 7 Total Body Yoga               30 minutes        pdf day 7
Day 8 Yoga for Healing and Meditation         28 minutes      pdf day 8
Day 25 Dancing Warrior          12 minutes        pdf day 25  

I ll teach Day 8 Yoga for Healing and Meditation, and last week’s day 7 Total Body Yoga, because they make quite a lovely pair.

Click Here for Spotify Yoga Playlist March-
Very Rare Tracks from Meghan Currie time laps videos
topped off with a juicy 50 Shades of Grey

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