week 9/21: Karma and Dharma made easy (and useful)

1332052649304_4450334by Suzanne L. Beenackers

After a day of dallying, then hurrying, then enjoying myself at two family events, I had only just enough time to bring out my vote for the elections, and then teach my class. But I had not counted on a hundred people in front of me wanting to do the same thing. The waiting time was 20 minutes, according to someone who had just done her civil duty. Vaguely I remembered reading that our city had brought down the number of voting bureaus by 20 percent this year. Which could explain why the waiting time had increased by a 1000 percent.
“The bureau at the train station is probably crowded as well,” the voter added.
But it was my only chance.
After only a small detour I managed to drop by at the station, and gasped:  the line was so long, voting would probably have closed by the time it was my turn. And besides I had a class to teach in less than half an hour.
I wondered what was more important: my duty as a citizen or to teach my class?
And I immediately knew the answer because I remembered this very simple rule:
Dharma always starts close to home. 

Dharma means your path, your role, that which you must do in life. We all have conflicting dharmas, for example finding a balance between work and family life. The “rule” as I was taught, and that I wholeheartedly agree with, is the responsibility (=dharma) that is closest to you comes first.
For example:
Your duty towards yourself is more important than towards those closest to you.
And your responsibilities as a spouse/parent/ child are more important than towards the company you work for.

And there is another one, which is useful: NEEDS go before WANTS
Your own needs, are more important than the needs of your pets and relatives.
But your wants are less important than their needs.

I still had time for one more try: a community building that might have a voting bureau. I was lucky: it was so quiet the employees were folding paper planes and trying different techniques to make it fly higher. They laughed when I arrived and took their places back behind the desk to form the line of ID check, voters list, and handing out the forms.
I was done in less than 2 minutes and was able to fulfill all my dharmas that day.

The day after the elections I was on the phone with a yogic friend. We were shopping for new online training courses. I wanted to purchase two of the smaller ones, and said what I would be paying, since it was donation based. My friend thought that was a bit high, as my income is low, and the donation based idea was (in her opinion) for people like me, so we got bottom price.
We hung up, and before I transferred the money, I went to the site of the teacher and noticed that the two courses that I had planned to purchase donation based, were actually completely free for the whole week. She didn’t ask me for a dime if I got it directly from her.
I had expressed the willingness to pay to the Universe, to donate what I could miss, and in return the course was thrown into my lap for absolutely free.
That is karma.
And the expensive course my friend was about to purchase, was on there too; for the exact price my friend had planned to donate for that extensive donation based training.

Karma is getting back what you send out: you give money, time or love in one place, and you ll get money, time or love back. More often than not from someone unrelated to where you invested! I remember when I still had an expensive studio; One of my tenants wanted to rent more hours, but I couldn’t offer that. I brought him into contact with a different studio where he could get the desired time slots. As a result, I lost income, because he took the other hours with him as well. Yet I remained certain I had done the right thing.

Half a year later, I made the decision to move to a cheaper studio, one I could afford without renting it out. Within three days after posting my request on Facebook I received an email from a yoga teacher I had never heard of. A friend of a friend had recommended me. She offered me one of the oldest and probably only affordable yoga studio we have here. And in the heart of the city.

And I immediately knew it was because I had acted in the best interest of my tenant, and not my own. I knew it was because of karma.

9week 9

I’m teaching from Yoga with Adriene for 21 weeks & provide her videos here for home practice. This is week 9. Our week starts on Monday. You ll receive new blogposts every Sunday night.

Day 9 Full Potential Detox Practice 
26 minutes       pdf 
Strong standing practice with high lunges. And the inside joke Adriene makes about Towanda? That’s from Fried Green Tomatoes! One of my favorite movies. And Adriene’s too, apparently.

Day 24 Gentle Yummy Yoga     19 minuten    pdf     

Last week I posted an overview of all practices, but the pdf with week 3 wasn’t the right one.
I updated last week’s post, and it now contains all videos + the right pdf.

Day 1 Ease into it                        35 minutes        pdf day 1
Day 2 Stretch & Soothe             33 minutes         pdf day 2
Day 3 Forget what you know    23 minutes        pdf day 3
Day 4 Yoga for your Back          20 minutes        pdf day 4
Day 5 Feel Alive Flow                  16 minutes        pdf day 5
Day 6 Six Pack Abs                      17 minutes        pdf day 6
Day 7 Total Body Yoga               30 minutes        pdf day 7
Day 8 Yoga for Healing and Meditation         28 minutes      pdf day 8
Day 25 Dancing Warrior          12 minutes        pdf day 25  


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