From the vault – week 12/21: Why I do fitness with Zuzka. And wear a suit.

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I m rereading and updating diary-like entries on this blog, from the past two years. I call it “from the vault”. I’m collecting the entries for a LS Harteveld book called Big (diaries and erotica), about my affair with a man “called” Mister Big. 

In today’s episode, I m giving myself advice on how getting dressed on time can help you make a thousand K a year.
I had totally forgot about this and I’m committing back to this habit immediately! 

It started when I heard myself say to a student, for reasons yet forgotten: “I believe that wearing the right clothing is what makes you successful. The day I am showered, in a smart suit, with high heels, behind my desk at 10 a.m. , is the day I start earning 100.000 euros a year.”
And when I said it I thought: then why am I not doing it?
Sure, there is the excuse I work nights teaching my classes. I’ve tried being productive the first hours of the day, but that was like working double shifts. If I worked nights, worked mornings, resisted the urge to take naps and instead resolved to anything computer in the afternoon, when exactly was my workday beginning? And more importantly; when was it ending?
But aside from working nights there was a second reason I it took me a while to be up and ready to go: my yoga practice. Or postponing yoga practice. I had a “morning” yoga practice of 30 minutes to an hour but my computer was seducing me to check email, get some minor stuff done, have a latte, and all those other tempting suggestions my computer usually makes.
Often I still had not practiced when it was time for lunch, and I was still in sweatpants. Whether I chose yoga or lunch: I had already lost the chance of having a professional feeling about myself.

The day I am showered, in smart shoes, with high heels, behind my desk at 10 a.m. ,
is the day I start earning 100.000 euros a year.

With a mediocre yoga practice and feeling incompetent every day, I really had little to loose.

Material Girl

Day 1. I was behind my desk for 5 minutes when my mom called with an unbelievable story: she had inherited € 4000 unexpectedly. That was quick for the money to start pouring in! This was to the family, not into my personal bank account, but it was a good start. One hour later, a friend at the housing company rang my bell, I proudly opened the door, make-up on and all. He debriefed me on my housing situation: I could stay for another two months.

Since then my doorbell rang every day (versus the usual once a week) ; to fix the gas meter, to ask me for help on a surprise dinner, to accept a package for a neighbor. And in general, I get invited to parties, asked for dates, someone gives me life saving advice on my cat: it’s a miracle what happens when you’re ready to receive what life has to offer.

From the vault (update 2017)

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Fitness with Zuzka

I tried to squeeze in yoga before 10. But there was still the tow pulling between a full practice, my 10 a.m. deadline, and my computer whispering sweet nothings. And then I remembered that I still had my Zuzka schedules! Last time I had a consistent Zuzka practice was beginning 2014 and I could just flow through even the toughest vinyasa power class I teach. It was amazing how strong I got! And that could be achieved with short work-outs, using my professional dumbbells. I’ll share the sticky men schedules I crafted for my personal use with you next week. Give me some time to make them more clear, and in the meantime you go buy a set of dumbbells.Zuzka_Stand_Up_For_Yourself-post

Zuzka is a fitness expert. She started about 8 years ago I think, in some kind of improvised gym basement with a shy Zuzka (still insecure about her English) and her husband filming. It developed into a large online fitness empire Bodyrock and a marriage that was so dysfunctional that you couldn’t watch the camera angles without feeling sorry for poor Zuzka far away from Czechoslovakia. They were always moving; North America, Canada, Malta. The houses were all equally cold and eerie.  Late 2011 she posted a video insisting nothing was wrong with their marriage. Her last message was that she looked forward to focusing more on food videos and leave the fitness stuff to others. Then she disappeared all together.

Early 2012 one of the two friends who I had infected with my Zuzka virus, found her again. Zuzka had started her own You Tube channel. She was still in shape but with less muscle definition, and she was alone. In half a year she buffed up in front of the camera, got dogs and moved to a house with Melrose Place like charm. She had friends, she had fun, and a little while later there even was a new guy.  For this post I did some research and stumbled upon her post “Open Letter to all my fans“, summer 2014. Zuzka is the sweetest thing that ever happened to fitness, and if you still waste time and money going to the gym for endless cardio sessions let me whisper a sweet nothing in your ear:


Sorry I yelled.

adriene 12Home and Class Practice: week 12

I’m teaching from Yoga with Adriene for 21 weeks & provide her videos here for home practice. This is week 12. Our week starts on Monday. You ll receive new blogposts every Sunday night.

Day 12 Yoga for Spinal Health  12 minutes  pdf
With rockstar yoga pants and the first Locust pose that says looky flookie. What’s not to love? 😉

Day 23 Freedom and Forgiveness  23 minutes  pdf

You can find the overview of all videos and pdf’s we did in class, on my page Yoga with Adriene.

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