week 14/21: Yoga for the holidays and other messy times

14 maxresdefaultby Suzanne L. Beenackers

I ve been working on my new apartment and this morning I discovered I actually had paint on my belly! I already knew I am far from presentable these days, but that I had gotten to the level where I am no longer aware of what happens to my naked body? That was a new low.
Last week I realized the upcoming move and the stress of organizing moving house, was taking its toll. Every day it became harder to teach; the sticky men schedule didn’t have any meaning to me. It was like I had planned a certain meal in advance, but on the day itself didn’t fancy it at all… So I threw it out the window.
Not for good of course. Just for now!

When you don’t feel like having a certain meal, don’t eat it. When you don’t feel like doing a certain practice, don’t do it either. If you don’t believe me, just try. It will only leave you angry and dissatisfied.

The alternative is to tap into your desires and needs at that moment, and go from there.

So I ll be freestyle teaching, and we have a few holidays coming up, making this our schedule:

Monday April 27
Koningsdag – no classes

Tuesday 28- Friday May 1
regular classes, freestyle teaching.
The home practice video is:
week 14  Yoga with Adriene Mindful Hatha yoga Workout 16 minutes

Monday May 4- Friday May 8
Holiday, no classes

Monday May 11
New blog, providing my internet is up in my new house.

Monday May 11- Friday May 15
Current planning is to have my comfortably regulated life back and teach from 14 and 15 from Yoga with Adriene.





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