From the vault – week 15/21: Happy at Home

I m rereading and updating diary-like entries on this blog, from the past two years. I call it “from the vault”. I’m collecting the entries for a LS Harteveld book called Big (diaries and erotica), about my affair with a man “called” Mister Big. 

In today’s episode, I m experiencing domestic bliss. For the first time since my break-up with my ex, I move into a house on a permanent contract. And I haven’t seen that neatly tidied bookshelf in a year or so… Will get it back this weekend!

No money is better spent than what is laid out for domestic satisfaction.
Samuel Johnson

uma thurman kill-bill-vol-2-uma_l72 Hours after I moved to a spacious, light apartment, my color sorted bookshelves were up, my visionboards were hammered to the wall, and I had Wifi. Even my little cat had started eating again. Well he’s not that little but completely helpless and without any survival skills aside from looking terribly cute, which counts as being little. And he had stopped eating from the stress of moving and had to be forcefed. Which he accepts as part of being furry and adorable and not setting personal boundaries.
20150511_103035Now a few days later, I find I miss a hook for my towel in the bathroom, realize that my basil and strawberries need re-potting, a table needs gluing, and that the cat drops back to fasting as soon as I cut on his hourly massage routine; but that’s minor stuff.
I remember the last times I moved house it took months for the last boxes to be unpacked, and that I had to SORT stuff when unpacking, but this time I had already done that. In summer 2014 and over the holidays, I organised my diaries, agendas, photos, brought clothes to secondhand stores and sold books online. I even dug out my basement, which had become a waist high dump zone.
So everything I unpacked in the new house were possessions, memories and outlines of future plans, that made me incredibly happy.
All here to stay. And to be joyfully sorted on color.

From the vault (update 2017)

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15 maxresdefaultHome and Class Practice: week 15

I’m teaching from Yoga with Adriene for 21 weeks & provide her videos for home practice. This is week 15. Our week starts on Monday and you ll receive new blogposts every week if you sign up in the right column.

Day 14 Mindful Hatha Yoga Workout  16 minutes

Day 15 Half Hour Half Moon Practice  29 minutes


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