Rivendell on Waal

Aragorn. Probably in Molenhoek.

Aragorn. Probably in Molenhoek.

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

It is in Men that we must place our hope.

Another summer at our doorstep! I so look forward to this very special season, and spending it in Nijmegen. I moved here in 2002 and my affection for the city has been ever growing. It is sometimes called Havana on Waal, for it has consistently been the most free spirited and left wing city of the Netherlands, founded on the bank of the river Waal by the Romans. But rather than this socialist comparison I see the small residence, marked by river, hills and woods, as Elrond’s Rivendell: an oasis of peace and wisdom. Its borders seem spell-bound to protect it. No evil can set foot here.


Rivendell, where Aragorn was raised.

Nijmegen is wonderful all year around, but the highlight of every year, or as we call it THE PARTY OF THE YEAR, is de Vierdaagse, a seven day walking, music and food – lots of food event – attracting millions of visitors, hikers, and hobbits from around the world. The 40.000 participants of the four day march, walk 40 kilometers A DAY for women (who start at 5 am), and 50 kilometers for men (who start at 3 am). Legions from armies all over the world carry a 10 kilos marching-kit. Every village around Nijmegen has a special day when the walkers pass through it, and they too have festivities and cheer for the walkers.
At Friday, the closing day, they finish at the 5 kilometer long Via Gladiola – and are showered with gladioli flowers and praise, like true heros. Which of course, they are.

Our Strider

In Lord of the Rings, the true heir to the throne of Men is Aragorn, raised in Rivendell, but living as a ranger who chooses to remain hidden. His codename is Strider- which means walker. It didn’t take me long to see the resemblance with our own Strider in Nijmegen!
One of my students, Dana van der Kraan, will be walking the Vierdaagse for the second time. Not 40 kilometers a day, like other women, but 50! The MAN’s distance. And she did it last year too, so she will make it no doubt! Dana is young, strong, highly intelligent and even looks a bit like the heir of Numenor! (someone should try that sword on her…)
So I invite you to support Dana’s cause through the professional Vierdaagse website or bring a small donation to class in the upcoming two weeks. I’ll make sure it is transferred on behalf of the studio. Dana is raising money for the World Animal Protection fund. But knowing who she really is, I don’t think anyone is surprised Dana is setting out to save the world.

Home and Class Practice 20

I’m teaching from Yoga with Adriene for 21 weeks & provide her videos for home practice. This is week 20. Our week starts on Monday and you ll receive new blogposts every week if you sign up in the right column.

In week 19 we did
Day 19 Breath & Body Practice  21 minutes   pdf
Day 27 Flexible Fearless and Fun 16 minutes  pdf 

This week we’ll be doing:
Day 20 Heart Practice 27 minutes    pdf
Day 28 Playful Yoga Practice 19 minutes pdf 

Click here for the overview of all Yoga with Adriene pdf’s 

Our soundtrack in June is a rerun from our Meghan Currie/ 50 Shades playlist…. which (unfortunately) appears to have been stripped by Spotify. So I can no longer share it.
Please come to class and I ll let you hear it, including all the Meghan Currie time laps songs
Or buy the 50 Shades soundtrack.
I included all 50 Shades tracks I once (in a more socially acceptable mindset) deemed too hot for a yoga class. As Spotify agreed, apparently.


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