week 21/21: Closing week of Yoga with Adriene. Energy Type 1!!


Bleached straight hair – Early 2014

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

Last week someone noticed I was wearing red lipstick. It’s fire alarm red, so it would be hard not to notice, but the thing is: I never wore that before.
Not recently anyway.
In my teens a lot, in my twenties less, and in my thirties just occasionally and with a feeling of guilt because it fit right into the list of Most Common Mistakes Women Over 30 Make.
Along with bleaching my hair.
No woman looks good in the same things as when she was 19! Bad woman!
And I saw the evidence around me as well… so many women who looked not good at all wearing red lips or blond hair!
If I didn’t want to end up a total clown I had to start dressing my age. So I stopped dyeing it for as long as I could bare the dreadful ashy tone, and always pulled it back tight, in a bun. It felt weird never letting my hair down, but I just hated all that movement going on around my head.

When I could bear no more I started dyeing it again. But I would choose richer shades of blond. Early 2014 I went full-on blonde, for a photo-shoot, and although it felt like I just lost 20 years, I knew I was WRONG! BAD WOMAN!
And then fate struck: my hairdresser cut my bob line a little too short leading to….CURLS.
Oh my God. I felt horrible.
The platinum blonde jaw long bob line from earlier that year had faded into autumn colored curls.
Again: I didn’t necessarily look bad, but I felt bad.

And now, one year later, thanks to Carol Tuttle’s beauty profiling system I have a complete understanding of everything that went wrong. And that there is a reason you feel horrible in certain clothes, or with certain hair:
because it conflicts with your energy.
Knowing your beauty profiling type will explain what your strengths are, and how dressing a certain way can enhance those. And dressing like one of the other types can fight you, or drain 4 types jolieyour energy.

Study the two pictures of Angelina Jolie: she’s a type 2. If she wears soft colors her beauty is enhanced. If she wears bright red lipstick, it conflicts with her energy.
Angelina also always wears her hair down, flowing and soft: something only a type 2 will feel comfortable with.

In Carol’s system I m a type 4: Bold. Outspoken. Reflective. Still.
My h4 typesair needs to be pulled back or straight, because I get sick of all that movement going around my head. It needs to be STILL.
And I need to bleach it (or dye it much darker) to create contrast because I think in black and white. That’s how I keep order in my head.
All clothes and hair-dos that are rich in texture, asymmetrical, or come in natural tones, will be able to drive me crazy…. Suddenly it made sense why I never wore those bulky knitted sweaters that were supposed to keep me warm on winter days. I would probably rather freeze to death. In my smooth silky pajamas that give no warmth whatsoever but so much more peace of mind.

The four types

The past 21 weeks we’ve been doing Yoga with Adriene, and she is an example of a Type 1 woman: Bright and Animated.
A movie star with type 1 is Marilyn Monroe: her face is childlike, and she is (keyword for type 1) CUTE
Just like Tara Stiles and Adriene!
If you’ve watched her/ their videos, you know type 1’s  are always making fun and keeping things light. They’re like a ray of sunshine on your yoga mat.
I’m often quite opinionated on teachers who make physical adjustments- it’s when they come onto your mat and start pulling on your limbs (Oh! That didn’t come out judgmental at all)
I think I would refine my opinion to that it depends on the type of teacher:
A type 1 teacher, like Tara Stiles or Adriene, coming onto your yoga mat is like a fairy tiptoeing there. And she/he is just bound to make you laugh!
A type 1 teacher doesn’t have the seriousness to make their presence feel invasive.
Type 2 people, are sensitive and connected to the people around them. They’re gentle and peaceful, and will often have children and then they’re the kind of parent that is home for tea and cookies and makes all the treats herself (or himself).
They will love taking pictures, and cherish the memories for their whole family.
They’re very beautiful, because of this peaceful, gentle energy. And you will want to cuddle with them, or maybe that’s just me… because I absolutely adore them.
A Type 2 Yoga Teacher would be Meghan Currie: she has a flowing energy, and is very compassionate and sweet in her teachings, but also extremely detailed in her instructions.
An example of a type 2 movie star is Angelina Jolie.
Type 3 people, for example Oprah Winfrey, are at first sight the opposite of Type 2’s:
They will take on 5 projects at a time (of which one could be “conquer the world”) , and find a way to make it work. Now naturally if you have a type 3 parent, this can easily be overbearing. Just think of a parent with the talent to rule a nation, and instead it’s a stay at home mom with 2 children.
That’s not going to work.
Type 3 people need to be challenged, so they can transform, create, and get things done. And then there really is no limit as to what they can do.
The similarity between type 2 and type 3 is: bound to earthly duties.
Type 2 is making home a castle, and type 3 is bound to a career, an orphanage, or otherwise saving the world.
Type 1, light and animated, would be thoroughly unhappy if life was so “heavy”. Think of Monroe again: she had a horrific childhood. Of all the types, Type 1 is the one that suffers the most in the absence of lightness.
The coping mechanism for a Type 1 is fantasy and imagination.
Which leads us to the other Type with a rich inner life:
Type 4.
When I go through the Type 4 list of famous people (Liv Tyler, Elizabeth Taylor, Twiggy, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp though 😉 I have the feeling the other types have “a better team”. Like Brad Pitt is a 3. The absolute biggest stars appear to be other types….
But I think this is no coincidence!
Type 4 people are focused on themselves. Únless you are one of their closest of kin, you will always feel that they are holding out on you. They’re not exposing themselves, nor committing themselves, to a task or to someone else, to the extend that it would cost them all their time or energy. They’re orderly people, who like stillness, control and solitude.
They like to self-reflect and analyse, and will think about something until they have brought it down into what is black and and what is white.
And they look great with red lipstick. Just look at Johnny Depp 😉

Carol’s Beauty Profiling System

If you would like to know more you can check these links:
– the free beauty profiling course LINK TO SIGN UP
– check out her you tube channel
– buy her book

I hope you had a great time doing Yoga with Adriene-
Last week we did the final 3 videos from Yoga with Adriene
Day 21 Joyful Home Practice 32 minutes pdf
Day 29 Sweet Surrender 17 minutes  pdf
Day 30 Find What Feels Good 21 minutes pdf 1 & pdf 2

I’ve updated the schedule to ALL 30 Yoga with Adriene videos, and accompanying pdf’s.

I’m starting my summer schedule with Yoga with Shiva Rea (type 3, rich and dynamic, not on the picture here)
Other teachers I will work from are:
Meghan Currie (Type 2, soft and subtle): plan to teach that early 2016.
Check out Meghan’s You Tube.
Sadie Nardinie (Type 3, rich and dynamic): this will be our program for fall 2015.
Check out Sadie TV on You Tube 
or true to her type 3 nature of always doing more, her second channel 

So Shiva Rea in summer, and Sadie in autumn.
Just don’t expect me to ever be dyeing my hair again in any color resembling falling leaves 😉

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