week 2/7: The solution to any problem.

51bUxfPAGhL._UY250_by Suzanne L. Beenackers

Last week I was sharing a wine (well, we both had our own glass) and a brownie (after I promised the brownies there are so big, even I don’t get food aggressive) with one of my students, Hilke, who I strongly support of becoming a yoga teacher.
She’s starting out as a therapist and has this sweet earthy energy.
“I want people to fall in love with yoga,” Hilke said. “That’s my strongest motivation to teach.”
I nearly choked on my butter sugar combo known as brownie, when I heard that.
For a blink of a second I identified with that role. With the idea of having newbies come over for class who still resist the idea of yoga, and me being the good fairy godmother to convert them to the right path. I’m always polite and respectful to new students, but it’s like a first date: we’re really just getting acquainted. Hilke doesn’t have such reservations.
“I know you want to win their hearts,” I said. “I ll send them to you.”

“When any of us tempt to operate outside of our own natural movement, our lives go out of balance and things start to go wrong.”
It’s just my Nature, Carol Tuttle page 171

If you would study yoga teachers and other humans, but it works great on pets, flowers, houses, anything, you can recognize four different types, depending on their dominant energies (we all have all four).
Types 1’s are light, funny, childlike, erratic, and switch between connection and disconnection.
Types 2 are loving, peaceful, detailed, connected.
Types 3 are dynamic, swift, entrepreneurial.
Types 4 are still, bold and methodical.

Carol Tuttle gives a great example: Imagine 40 people having to move to the West Coast. The Type 1’s would be all excited about the adventure at hand, and they would be in the best of spirits all along the way. Change and insecurity is where they can feel right at home. Type 2 would start planning what they’d need on the road, what to pack, what is required the first week you’re there. Type 3 would start with when they arrive and then plan their timeline backwards, focusing on the broad picture and figuring out details along the way. Type 4 would rethink the whole move, and would then decide they’re not going. Unless you put a knife to their throat; then they’ll consider it.

How we fight

If your family is experiencing conflict lately, don’t go to the root of the problem. Go to the root of the energy. Whose nature is not being honored?
It’s just my Nature, Carol Tuttle page 174

All my life I have had this aversion to fighting, quarrels and even heated discussions. If people are forced to work with each other, or if you’re a minor dependent on your parents, I can forgive you. But if you are voluntarily in a relationship (with me) then I will not allow for any disturbance of the peace. From my perspective you’re in or you’re out, and once you’re in fighting becomes as mentally disturbed as saying negative things to your mirror image.

Now I could clearly see that roughly everybody else disagrees with me on that. Especially my parents. I remember one incident where we had to go on a long, hot road trip, and I knew they would quarrel about the road and reading the map, so I did it for them. I read the map, and listened to the radio for traffic jams, and for the first time we reached this destination effortlessly. Yet when we arrived, they started to fight about on which side of the street we should be walking! That must have been the day when I gave up on solving other people’s problems.

Now that I know about Carol’s energy profiling system it all makes sense now: I’m a Type 4, and therefor value stillness above all else. Type 4’s will polarize, and not to argue about what is black or white, but to create order and draw a very clear line that will prevent people from coming too close. When I was halfway in my twenties, on a city trip with my parents and sister, my father was being absolutely impossible again. Ironically, I can now see that he only behaved this way when my Type 2 mother was around. When him and me were alone on holidays we had the best of times! Anyway, I didn’t know that then, I just knew that after 25 years of dealing with his moods I was done being a victim, and being powerless in these kinds of family situations. I said to him (POLARIZING the situation): “We are now going to walk to the museum. And if you are not in better spirits when we get there, I m taking a train home today.”
My father walked in silence, and when we got there any sign of his moodiness had vanished completely!
My behavior was a textbook example of how a Type 4 deals with conflict: they will not negotiate and instead be very clear in their demands, the time frame and the consequences.
So that stillness can return.


Type 1 Marilyn Monroe

A type 1 is also not very likely to fight you. First of all, a type 1 is the most adaptable of all types! If you change plans, or want to reschedule, or anything like that: expect zero problems with a type 1. If you do bug them (for example because you want them to commit to something!) they’ll most likely snap, and DISCONNECT. But they’ll come back….. unlike the Type 4- if they leave, they leave- a Type 1 will be able to forget soon and come back and may even apologize for responding so rude and being difficult.
Type 1’s are unsuitable for arguments because the heaviness of the drama will burden them. Type 1’s have the highest adaptability. Type 1’s adaptable carefree spirit may actually survive something as traumatic as a series of foster homes, but pressing a Type 1 for a stern opinion, a straight line, or a clear statement is like asking a butterfly to lift a roadblock.

A type 2 will not fight you either. Which, initially, only makes things worse…. because they will not speak! Just worry and be offended in silence. Type 2’s are very attached to their planning, to details, to being connected, and to how everybody is doing. And yet, if they are provoked their passive aggressive silence will be force to be reckoned with!
So like I said: they’re not the ones initiating conflict, but because they can’t respond spontaneously, they will worsen the conflict because 1. the other party will feel uneasy with the silence and the victim role the Type 2 plays and 2. because the other party will be angry at the type 2 for not expressing what they want!
That’s because they really, really can’t….
But then there is the good news: a Type 2 will be more motivated then anyone else to restore the peace. Once you get them out of their shell, they will gladly talk with you in detail about everything! Their emotions, what it was like to be angry, what they thought of certain things. Once the danger is gone, the gateways to their hearts are open again, love pours out, and they’ll connect, connect, connect. Fighting with a two is a guaranteed slamming doors-free experience!

The type 3, like Obama and Oprah, they’re about transformation and creation! My father was a type 3 *) We fully acknowledge the creative force he was, and the tremendous impact he had; not just on our lives but on students and his work field around the world. Yet at the same time we realize how harmonious our remaining family has lived since then. Type 3’s are the only ones who do not naturally shy away from the chaotic energy conflict creates. And not only can they stand the heat, but they will throw logs in the fire as well….making things (from the perspective of the other types) worse. Yet disagreement and working with opposition is inherent to the nature of a type 3. As is the power to save the planet and everybody on it. And they certainly never, ever give up on solving other people’s problems.
*) I’m still working on analyzing the relationship I had with him, with this system. I think this post may have been premature on this point, and that he may have been a 4. For the story about my role in the family this makes no difference, but for those who knew my father, it may be confusing if I indeed typed him wrong. 

Why I endorse this system 

“I feel I was let out of a prision, a prison I didn’t know I was in all those years.”
testimony on the liberating effect of knowing your type, page 175

Type 2 Russel Crowe

Type 2 Russell Crowe

As a solitary writer/ yoga teacher mostly minding my own business, and always trying very hard not to care too much about saving other people, I didn’t have the intention to write this post. Just in case you missed it, I already wrote about energy profiling one week ago, so I figured I had done my share:
If this was something you were interested in, you now had a starting point.
And if you dismissed it or resisted, then just keep doing that.

But as I kept developing myself through this system, I just got more enthusiastic every day! And then, in addition to the free online course, and her you tube channel I clicked the crap out of, and Carol’s blog that is even better than those other two tools combined, finally my book arrived!
Carol Tuttle – It’s Just My Nature
Her online presence is currently focused on Dressing Your Truth, about how to make your clothes an affirmation of who you truly are, but this book focuses on the broader picture. Because if you GET energy profiling, you can solve anything with it.
That’s not clickable, that’s me yelling at you 😉
Once you know your own dominant energy you know what you crave for, what your strength is, how to appreciate your parents and solve all your problems.
You ll even know what to wear! I ll include the wardrobe guidelines, even though I find it a bit cheesy. But the connection to Dressing Your Truth is also what makes energy profiling more fun (and more effective!) than deadly serious personal development tools.

Here are the four types; their talent, what they need, “prescribed” choice of wardrobe, and if/ why I think you will benefit from this system, based on certain problems you might experience:

Type 1 The Brightest Star of All
Brings lightness, but needs freedom.
Wardrobe: Bright coloring with at least one item that would also look great on a 6 year old.
Type 1’s can benefit from knowing their type because they have a precious childlike, funny quality, that can easily be judged as immature. In relationships Type 1’s will experience two major problems: 1. They will have a natural tendency to alternate between disconnect/ connect. This will drive all other types absolutely insane, and not knowing their own nature, it may even drive themselves crazy. 2. Their lighthearted nature makes them easily dominated by the other types, who will think of themselves as more serious and reliable. A parent-child like relationship.
The most famous Type 1 celebrity is no doubt Marilyn Monroe, and almost all male and female comedy actors are also Type 1’s. Especially for a Type 1, knowing who you truly are, and what your dominant energy is, can be the difference between the asylum and a spirit so bright the whole world will love you.

Type 2 Angelina Jolie and The Dalai Lama
Brings peace, but needs connection and detail.
Wardrobe: Subdued colors, flowing lines, comfortable texture
So from the robe of the Dalai Lama, only the color is a bit off 😉
For Type 2’s I ‘m going to make a distinct difference between men and women.
Type 2 women: They can read all this, and maybe they like it, but in general, women who are soft, kind, with a keen eye for detail and able to plan for their household home cooked meals, sweet putting-to-bed rituals, have a smile for everybody, and connect with the whole neighborhood? In general? They’re good to go!
Type 2 women are not in conflict with anyone, and especially not with what’s praised in Western society. So I don’t think I would recommend that they HAVE TO read this book. You don’t.
There are however a lot of female Type 2 wanna be’s, recognizable by being internally torn apart and thoroughly unhappy with their role. They should read anything they can about energy profiling.
Type 2 men? Different story. Because unless you’re the Dalai Lama (or Richard Gere, but that’s kind of the same thing) your Type 2 maleness is going to “collide” (as far as such a subtle flowing energy can clash anyway) with what is expected of you.
So if you are reading this, and this might be about you: do the work. Start doing energy profiling to understand your true nature. And labeling it male or female is a cultural thing. Nature doesn’t think that way. Richard Gere, Hugh Grant, Russell Crowe (!!), Ryan Reynolds. That’s how diverse Type 2 males can be. And I ll let you in on a secret: your type 2 maleness makes you highly attractive to Type 3 and Type 4 women, because we think you’re sweet and want to go to bed with you. Well I do anyway.

Type 3 Madonna

Type 3 Madonna

Type 3 Madonna and Obama
brings transformation, but needs direction and LOTS OF space to move.
Wardrobe: Layered, textured, all animal prints other than zebra
If you’re Type 3 and you’re still reading this, you’re probably waiting (in vain) for bullet points, the 2 A4 sheets of HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 5 EASY STEPS or other shortcuts that will allow you to squeeze in energy profiling with training for your triathlon, watching over your 9 children, your Masters study, and management of your own company.
Again this is a Type where I ll distinguish between men and women.
For Type 3 men (Brad Pitt and Obama can stop reading) energy profiling may have little to add. If you re a male living an expression of this energy you fit right into Western society.
For a woman, it might depend on the generation or your upbringing. Carol Tuttle herself had a religious upbringing where Type 2 and 1 energy of women were favored. This meant she felt her rougher, richer beauty, and her powerful energy were always out of place. Energy profiling is her redeeming herself, and all other Type 3 women, who have no idea what to do with so much energy.
If you recognize yourself in the idea of being too much, overbearing, and even unattractive, then energy profiling is just what the doctor ordered.

Meanwhile, I (bold and striking Type 4) was told by Carol in several videos, I should stop analyzing so much! lol Okay, so this is my last blogpost on the subject. And I admit it: yes Carol. I read the entire blog, book, and did the course. But now I GET it 😉
So Type 4:

Type 4: Bold and Striking
Brings stability but needs stillness or structure.
Wardrobe: Bold colors, straight lines, high contrast, smooth structure
This is a no-brainer: If you’re a Type 4 then YES read energy profiling. You’re the most reflective and analytical of the four types, you can’t stand not understanding something about yourself or a situation, and you (even you) might be unaware of some very peculiar yet dominant features in your personality. Like why you never drive with rock music on. Like why you hate being in groups slash not choosing your own company, when everybody else seems to be fine with this.
There was a time when companies would have group trainings for teambuilding. Do they still do that? I left corporate life 14 years back. Either way; Type 4’s will find the idea of forced and prescribed interaction absolutely revolting. Energy profiling will explain why this is. And why you’re so terribly picky. And bold. And opinionated. And private.
And sexy as hell.
Didn’t say that.

Energy Therapy as solution to anything

I hope that Carol Tuttle will develop Energy Profiling in the direction of training therapists and life coaches. I visited a Louise Hay therapist in the 90’s and agreeing on the system you want your professional to use, agreeing on your view of the world, is so powerful! I m no therapist, but I can imagine you can skip the first 10 sessions if you only accept clients who agree with you on the system, or even if your clients know what to expect. Type 4 clients anyway 😉
Professionals reading this post, especially the ones in the areas of coaching, color coding, personal development and maybe psychology, may already be interested in energy profiling and in particular the theoretical background. Carol explains the framework in the final chapter of her book It’s Just My Nature. So yes, it’s linked to tons of other stuff and theories, that you may have encountered during your work or studies.

Type 4 Johnny Depp

Type 4 Johnny Depp

My Encore: Sex and Profiling

This is my personal contribution to profiling. Carol Tuttle and her team are Christians and maybe that is why I have not been able to find any reference to sex (if any) in other settings than marriage, let alone next to your marriage! Oh dear…. 😉
But I think I can make a pretty good guess how the four different types would function in those areas! And this might be where you recognize yourself, right?

Sex Type 1: The Butterfly

OH there we go! What do you think?! Here’s the Type that has developed the easy switch between connection and disconnection into an art form! So if you’re talking one night stands and casual encounters, here’s the person who’ll be able to tell you all about it (they’ll kill me for saying this but okay). They’re not all like this: some may be too easily distracted, to ever let it come to sex. Type 1’s have a tendency to not take responsibility for their actions, and rationalize WHY they were right, when in fact their behavior was irresponsible. This is not me, this is the book, page 57-58. This will express for example as saying: “I don’t want you to get hurt.” When in fact this means: “I m not taking responsibility when things don’t work out.”
When it comes to sex, Type 1 is really anything goes, as long as it’s playful and light.

Sex Type 2: Everybody’s dream (well mine anyway)
Ooooohhh this is equally good right? We have a soft sweet emotional creature making soft sweet emotional love to you. Men just LOVE that in women (although they could see it as too clingy….) and Type 3 and 4 women will absolutely go for this in their guy. There’s a chance Type 2’s will have multiple partners or an adventurous period, but still: count on breakfasts in bed, sweet text messages, and every encounter to be the potential beginning of a relationship. If they don’t feel a connection, a Type 2 will not be going all the way with you.

Sex Type 3: The Action Hero
Oh dear! The heat is now definitely ON! Anything adventurous, anyone that can be conquered, any scenario with lots of action, and here’s the person to see. They have tons of energy, so expect to stay up all night. Out of all the types I would say this Type, along with Type 1’s, are the ones most likely to stray from the path and to cheat….. we all can of course. But Type 1 and Type 3 are the two types that can deal with movement, energy flowing, and disconnection/ switching between “situations”.
They’re the least likely to get bored with sex. I think they’d say: “Even if the sex is bad, it’s still pretty good.”
Which brings us to the type who will never say that….

Sex Type 4: 50 Shades of Black and White
Here it’s all or nothing! These are people who can go a year without sex for reasons such as: it doesn’t fit their agenda, which they like orderly and compartmentalized. Sex would be categorized as “leisure”, and spontaneous encounters are absolutely out of the question. If a four would have random sex, they would box that in their head as a cut-off series of experiences and never want to talk to those people again.
A sexual relationship like power play from 50 Shades is more the type of adventure a Type 4 would enjoy! It has boundaries, rules and a clear structure. At the risk of scaring you away: Also paid sex could appeal to them simply because of the clarity of the agreement. Type 4’s are deeply emotional, and that is precisely the reason any sex outside of a setting where those emotions are appropriate (or invited in…) needs to be a controlled experience.
I m totally going overboard with what I m telling you now: but from all the types, type 4 will have the hardest time keeping their sex life exciting. They are so still, and structured, things die out pretty soon. Anyone who has seen 50 Shades of Grey: a playroom that big, and so well stocked, and fantasies so profoundly over the top, that’s pretty much how much it will take to get a four interested in sex again. So best to prevent they drop the ball, and be sure to keep your Type 4 partner moving. If you give him or her the upper hand, they ll stop having sex.
In which case you may have to buy them a playroom.

If you would like to know more you can check these links:
Carol’s Blog including a pop up link to the free course and posts with all her videos
– the free beauty profiling course LINK TO SIGN UP
– check out her you tube channel
– buy her book

week 2 – Yoga with Shiva

For seven weeks I m teaching from two dvd’s of Shiva Rea. This is second first week, where I have made two flows:
Solar Flow – Arm Balances
Lunar Flow – Lunar Flow & Pranayama 
These pdf’s are a stand alone tool – since not everybody will have the dvd, and because the practices on You Tube are often taken down.
In June someone uploaded the dvd to You Tube, so at the risk of the videos/ links having been taken down again, here’s the whole playlist I used: DVD Yoga Shakti by Shiva Rea
Solar Meditation and Pranayama (Om 3)
Prana Yoga (Om 4) sound of this video doesn’t work properly
Surya Namaskar A & B 
Dancing Warrior 4 
Ha Kriya
Standing Pose Flow
Shoulder Openers
So Ham meditation

I’m using music from Abel Korzeniowski from W.E. and A Single Man.
You can check this month’s Playlist on Spotify 

Would you like to join my yoga classes in Nijmegen? Email me for your first class:
You can find all info here.  

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