From the vault – week 3/7: Birthday twenty-four seven


Cover for my ’15-’16 calendar, from the gift wrapping paper and a birthday card.

I m rereading and updating diary-like entries on this blog, from the past two years. I call it “from the vault”. I’m collecting the entries for a LS Harteveld book called Big (diaries and erotica), about my affair with a man “called” Mister Big. 

In today’s episode, I m looking back at the first year I found the perfect birthday formula. 

I used to regret having my birthday in summer. School was closed and I never had a party on the actual date since everybody was away on holiday. I did spend several anniversaries abroad, resulting in exotic gifts from my family such as a shirt with a Spanish speaking Snoopy.

After decades of working around the fact that my Birthday was in a social Bermuda Triangle I finally nailed it this year! Living in Nijmegen, my birthday is always somewhere around the Vierdaagse week: a four day walking march and week long party in the city with 1.5 million visitors. It peaks at Friday which was my birthday.

I love going out, but I don’t do cramped up squares with bands giving gigs. I don’t do singing along with Dutch music on beer drenched pavements. I don’t do dancing, standing, puking, or other levels of getting drunk. I like things civilized and in good company, and with a chair under my 43 year old butt. Which basically meant I had little to do in the Vierdaagse week.
20150724_111221 outtakeUntil this year: I had seven birthday nights out, one-on-one, seeing seven dear friends. And on Friday my family threw me a private party with presents in pink. I brought cake. We went to the Vierdaagse finish and I bought and gave out 40 gladiolus to 40 hikers on their last 5 kilometers, who looked like they needed it, deserved it, or like they were lost in a social Bermuda Triangle.

It was the best birthday of my life and I already look forward to next year. Just 51 weeks more to go.

From the vault (update 2017)

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week 3 – Yoga with Shiva

For seven weeks I m teaching from Shiva Rea. This is the third week, where I have made two flows: Backbends & Armbalances
Solar Flow page 1 & page 2
Lunar Flow
These pdf’s are a stand alone tool – since not everybody will have the dvd, and because the practices on You Tube are often taken down.
In June someone uploaded the dvd to You Tube, so at the risk of the videos/ links having been taken down again, here’s the whole playlist I used: DVD Yoga Shakti by Shiva Rea
Circle the Heart
Dancing Warrior 2
Dancing Warrior 3
Core abs incl 4 arm balances.
Standing Pose Flow 2 only voice over, no music. Includes several highly advanced arm balances
Lunge Backbend Preparation
Backbend Flow 1
Backbend Flow 2 Upward bow and Wheel
Long relaxation 

I’m using music Shakti Rhythms the soundtrack from the dvd.

Would you like to join my yoga classes in Nijmegen? Email me for your first class:
You can find all info here.  


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