week 4/7: Shiva Rea to the Rescue

041_diapers_V2by Suzanne L. Beenackers

If you take my classes you know what I do when I have a cold: I teach with the cd Yoga Sanctuary from Shiva Rea. If you know me better you even know why I have a cold: because I ve gone too vigorously on the oil pulling, usually in an attempt to cure some gum issues.
A recent (as in after I got sick…) Google search found that although oil pulling, swishing the mouth with coconut oil, can prevent gum disease it’s actually advised against if you are already suffering from it. And you run the risk of getting sick, like I do about twice a year. So then you have gum issues AND you re sick.
That’s when as a yoga teacher, Shiva Rea comes to the rescue.

When to call in sick?

First of all I don’t advocate a keep-going-till-you-drop policy in anyone’s work. Using medicine to repress signs of the flu in order to go to work is asking for trouble. There is a saying: if you don’t make time for your heath, you will have to make time for your illness. So just imagine what will happen if you don’t make time for your small illnesses… So no. If you’re sick you should stay home.

Then there’s the mental stuff. When are you unfit to do your work? This would depend on your work I guess, and as a yoga teacher I don’t feel comfortable teaching if I have too much other stuff going on in my life. Like when I had to say goodbye to my cat, I took the week off. There are teachers who can use, what they call “raw” energy” in their teachings, but I m not like that.

But what about a common cold? What if you feel alright, but you’re just snotty or your throat aches? That’s when (like most people) I’m usually perfectly fine going to work (in the best of spirits) but I do need some help with the teaching itself. So I use Shiva Rea.

Pink elephants

With 12 years of teaching experience I thought I had the sickness issue nailed. Until yesterday. I was going to teach using the cd, but contrary to previous colds, the coughing phase was exceptionally violent and unpredictable this time. When my second group came in, I was still mentally recovering from having disturbed the previous class several times.
“I feel totally insecure about this!”
Then one student said that I should not focus on not wanting to cough because it was like with the pink elephants; if you don’t want to think about it, you think about it.
And your body is painfully open to suggestion. She told me she used to inspect children for lice, and every time she found them she would get itchy herself.
So I took her advice to heart. Every time I felt a cough coming up I thought of lice. Pink lice. And my student inspecting the kids if they had caught any pink elephants.
That helped.

Yoga Sanctuaryweek 4 – Yoga with Shiva

For seven weeks I m teaching from Shiva Rea. This is the fourth week, and I’m using the audio cd Yoga Sanctuary instead of teaching a series inspired by a dvd.

Yesterday I had to teach both classes with the cd, but I m gradually getting better, and learning more about how I can teach, so my plan for the rest of this week is:
Tuesday 19.00 + Thursday 19.00 : teach with cd
Tuesday 20.30 + Thursday 20.30 : may teach live if earlier class went okay.
Friday 10.30: still to be decided

Click here for the home yoga pdf for Yoga Sanctuary

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