week 5/7: Let’s do this!

Recording ZWOW #1 (left) and late 2014/ early 2015

Recording ZWOW #1 (left) and late 2014/ early 2015

by Suzanne L Beenackers

In January 2012 Zuzka Light made her come-back on You Tube. She had been successful with her husband at Bodyrock but had quietly vanished after initially still reassuring videos that they were not breaking up, and that she was just focusing on cooking videos instead.
But they were breaking up, and the only thing she was cooking up was her divorce. If you want to know the details you can check the letter she wrote about it in 2014. Suffice to say she ended up relatively “out of shape”, totally out of money, but motivated to get it all back. And she did.
Soon enough she was more toned, more successful and certainly more happy than in all the years with her husband.

1994 Madonna

The second woman who inspires me to start working out, and to stop eating Belgian mayonnaise (I m just kidding- no one can inspire me to stop eating mayonnaise) is Madonna. She was a cute curved girl in the beginning of the 80s, but started working out, and has maintained her physique that way ever since.

Now I could easily make this post about the benefits of fitness, versus yoga, or glorify before and after pictures. But the truth is: that is not what motivates me. What does is that these ladies, have the one thing I desire most of all:
a daily routine of working out.
It’s probably no secret that ever since I teach (which is close to forever) I have been struggling to get my mojo back. I don’t know if this post is the turning point where I will roll my mat out again every single day.
But I will start with one thing! My own version of ZWOW!
I will start numbering my class and home yoga routines, making them available in pdf, for anyone who’s looking for a daily yoga practice. And since I m home this week (and not teaching) that includes me!

These are the first two M Yoga routines:
M Yoga # 1 Yoga Shakti solar
M Yoga # 2 Yoga Shakti lunar
M also stands for monthly:
I expect to post the next half September.

So now, as Zuzka would say it:
Let’s do this!

week 5 – Yoga with Shiva

For seven weeks I m teaching from Shiva Rea. I’ve now boiled four hours of videos down to two shorter routines:
M Yoga #1 solar
M Yoga # 2 lunar
There’s a cue on the first sheet how you can combine them.

I will be teaching these two schedules in class the final weeks of August.

Would you like to join my yoga classes in Nijmegen? Email me for your first class:
You can find all info here.  

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