week 2/15: Ray of Light

1998 Ray_of_Light_Madonnaby Suzanne L. Beenackers

“You can’t vary (your yoga) for ever. Ultimately you’ll have to move deeper into your practice.”
2004 – by my teacher

On hearing that well-meant advice for sure, I heard a clear reply in my head:
“We’ll see about that.”
Eleven years of diversity later I kept my word. The chances I ll ever commit to one style are a zero percent. And even that is overestimating it.

Lately I have been thinking why I don’t feel this approach to yoga is superficial, why I don’t feel guilty for not having a fixed approach. Even when one of my best students almost begs me if we can please practice Sadie Nardini’s Rockstar Yoga till the end of time, I don’t want to be sentenced to doing mandatory shakti-kicks and gargoyle poses and other superfun and mind-blowing things for ever.

Let it spark joy

I’m currently doing the final sweep of my belongings inspired by the book
The Magical Art of Tidying by Marie Kondo
You can buy the book or watch multiple You Tube videos on the Konmari method.
Marie Kondo beliefs in one rule: only keep the things that spark joy.
Aside from the fact that there is a reason people keep things (not being able to decide, and attaching emotional value to too many possessions) if you are able to live by her rule, it (cleaning your house, your diet, your life) all becomes really simple.
ONLY go for the things that spark joy.

This is my religion

I had the opportunity to start offering my classes online. You can see my weekly yoga videos on You Tube, and in January my courses will be online for a new yoga channel Rebel Yoga.
Since my teachings are now documented I had to rethink again, what the foundations were of my teachings. If I didn’t believe in one style of yoga, then what did I believe in?
And I realized it was the same thing Marie Kondo beliefs in:
what sparks joy.

Keep the things that bring you joy, and only for as long as they do.
Practice what brings you joy, and only for as long as it does.
And when I say joy, I hear God, bliss and enlightenment.
And I m pretty sure so does Marie.

week 2 – Ray of Light

For 15 weeks I’m teaching based on classes from Sadie Nardini.
This week I m using two classes from Sadie Nardini’s Rockstar Teacher Training:
A Self-Centered Flow
Opening the Hips, Retracting the Claws
You can buy Sadie’s Rockstar Teacher Training at Udemy or pay by donation to Sadie personally.

The music in September is Ray of Light from Madonna. Unedited, in the original sequence 😉

Become a Yoga Rockstar
Would you like to join my classes in Nijmegen?
You can find all info here. 
Or email me directly at s_beenackers@hotmail.com


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