week 3 + 4 /15: Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Madonna-Bedtime_Stories-Interior_Frontalby Suzanne L. Beenackers

I have a hefty book next to my bed, and every night before sleeping I read the left page, and study the photo at the right. It’s a new practice, just a few weeks old, but I ve grown attached to it. It reminds me of children’s stories, something to feed your mind with, a last thought before you go to sleep.
My book is Madonna – Michelle Morgan (2015)
But maybe you would prefer a meditation book or an affirmation book.

Don’t take the heat to the bedroom

Ever since the bible and evening prayer disappeared (at least in the Netherlands) our bedrooms have been fertile grounds for enough drama and impulses to keep an elephant awake. If (despite this) you do fall sound asleep, then by all means, keep doing what you’re doing.  I remember a few weeks ago I tried to upgrade my nighttime routine with yoga, instead of my usual ritual of doing the dishes. Immediately I lay awake for hours. Stick with what’s working.
But if you suffer from insomnia pay more attention to how you fall asleep/ eliminate anything that stimulates your brain. I know sleeping experts always go pretty hard on the blue light from screens, so if you re sensitive to that you may want to take it easy on using your tv/ smartphone etc. There is another reason why  your smartphone could be a problem: if you re having heated conversations. Whether with your family, or on social media: any form of argument is best prevented all together, but at least set boundaries as to when you engage. One of the reasons I don’t like tv soaps is that people just keep reacting, responding, interacting. If you act like a character from a soap your stress levels will sky rocket you because you’re sucking in all the drama stories of everyone around you.

Good Story telling

A little word on “Stories”. I ve always resisted the demonizing of how “spiritual people” encourage others to stop believing in their “stories”. Maybe you re not familiar with it, but the conversation would go something like this (don’t read this before bedtime, you will get worked up about it):
“I am a yoga teacher.”
“No that is just a story. That is not who you truly are.”
“I am a radiant being of light and love.”
“Yes you are.”
*insert green puking emoticon*
And when doing Sadie’s Rockstar teacher training I realized WHY am I totally anti the demonizing of story telling, and defining ourselves by the roles we play:
Because Sadie explains it is the QUALITY of the story that matters!
If you tell yourself GOOD stories, or as Sadie calls them- empowering stories, if you know a way to think about life as an adventure, and find growth in anything “bad” happening to you, then those are great stories!
I am a patient – is a disempowering story
My illness is my teacher – is an empowering story
I can’t hold a normal job – is a disempowering story
I am a yoga teacher – is an empowering story
I don’t like how I look – is a disempowering story
I honor my body – is an empowering story
Reading something before bed that affirms your own good stories, or watch an inspiring You Tube video for self growth, could be an effective way to keep recreating and rewriting your own life.


Cocoon tent

Your last thoughts before you fall asleep

You turn the light off, snuggle under the blankets. You close your eyes. Now where are you? Do you realize you can visualize sleeping anywhere you want?
In nature near a river, taking away your old thoughts and emotions you no longer need.
You can sleep in the most expensive hotel room.
In a cabin on sticks, hovering over the beach and the sea.

My visualizations for my perfect sleeping spot have been so powerful that I really have the clean white bedroom I’ve always wanted. Without closing my eyes.
That’s probably why I always sleep like a baby.
As long as I don’t do yoga before bedtime anyway 😉

week 3 + 4 – monthly M Yoga pdf’s

For 15 weeks I’m teaching based on classes from Sadie Nardini.
These two weeks I ve processed the first two weeks to September’s M Yoga pdf’s:
M Yoga #3: Ray of Light
M Yoga #4: Bedtime Stories
Or check my You Tube and practice with my videos.

If you like to take the full course(s) you can buy Sadie’s Rockstar Teacher Training and Yoga for Insomnia at Udemy or pay by donation to Sadie personally.

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