How to heal a troubled mind

2015 09 20 11049455_10205195154547517_337316528557077157_n

Black sky with rays of light.

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

“If everything happens for a reason,
then everything happens for my growth.”

Sadie Nardini, Rockstar Teacher Training

Having said that, growth and change and things happening in general, can be a disturbing process to go through. And feel more like being stuck (and not in a place nice), then actually growing.
I m currently experiencing how my happy lighthearted self could basically thrive because well… because I wasn’t doing anything 😉 Not anything that resembled a normal job, an acceptable level of productivity or working on anything one could call Goals or a Life’s work. I was Forrest Gumping myself through life.
Yet for the past weeks I’m working a lot of hours, and I have purpose and all that, and my mind has become a place so dark even Sauron would beg to be let out.
Sadie says this:
“Everything is neutral until we assign a story to it. Then we take it one or two ways: we empower ourselves, or we disempower ourselves. And if we disempower ourselves we’ll be anxious, cranky, reach for something or someone else (instead of healing ourselves) You need to REWRITE the dark disempowering story, to one that empowers you.”

There is never a reason to let yourself be drawn off center/ get lost in negativity. Yet regaining control over your mind (and rewriting your story) can be tough.

This is my 2 step guide to bring the sun back into your life.
1. acknowledge your current path is not going anywhere
2. create a new path, not by tackling your problems but by focusing on what you love.
The people you love, the activities, watch shows or movies you love. And soon enough love will bring its friends: Wonder, Hope and Joy.
And Forrest Gump of course.

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