week 5/15: Big Magic

images (1)by Suzanne L. Beenackers

“I flirmly believe that we all need to find something to do in our lives that stops us from eating the couch”
Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic p.172

A few years ago, I gave a book called Parenting illustrated with crappy pictures to a friend. It was so appealing yet I couldn’t put my finger on it. Why was I giving this (in all honesty- hilariously funny book) instead of something eh…well, a little more polished. Something that would lift a young mother out of her daily grind.
But now I know why: because those crappy pictures were an authentic expression. And the fact that they were not polished, and that she was obviously clueless how to use a computer to draw, made it all the more endearing. It was her son who had told her they were “pretty crappy”. So this was book written by a woman so desperate to create, that she defied the judgement of her 4 year old. She still did it anyway.

The lost art of finding your magic 

Elizabeth Gilbert published a book last week Big Magic: creative living beyond fear
When we say “creative living” we obviously think of crafting things, writing things, musicianing things and maybe dancing things.
But behold!
This is a narrow definition of creativity. Liz gives two inspiring examples of two women living creative lives.
One is a woman who picked up ice-skating in her forties. Three times a week, before work she would go to the track and skate with a coach, or alone. She was making something of herself, and of her life, through ice skating!
Another woman started studying Mesopotamia (devour books, visit archaeological sites, talk to experts) in her 80’s, and now she’s in her 90’s and people visit her as an expert on Mesopotamia.

And there are a lot of people who find their creativity in doing yoga every morning, in running, in travelling: the possibilities are endless. But the need, Liz says, is universal.  Liz truly believes that we all have this force within us, and describes what will happen if you don’t do anything with it.

Doggy Style

A creative mind (and remember- that is most likely any human mind) is like having a border collie for a pet: you need to keep it busy or else it will cause you an outrageous amount of trouble. Like eating the couch, digging a  hole in the living room floor, or biting the mailman. Unless you spend sufficient time with your border collie mind, creating something, studying something, or taking an AM 10 mile run, your mind will cause havoc. It will turn aggressive and start to destroy things. First of all your own inner-peace.
I m still amazed how easily my mind can find one little tear, one tiny insecurity, only to then grab it, yank it, and keep yanking and pulling it until my  inner-peace, self-worth and general sense of well-being are effectively torn to bits!
Quite an accomplishment really.

But if I see my mind as this highly energetic dog, that just needs to be entertained, I understand why it starts to behave badly. And how to prevent it. If you work on a routine where your creative mind, your inner border collie, gets a good work-out, just see what a lovely pet it will make! 

more on Big Magic:
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week 5 – A New Dawn

For 15 weeks I’m teaching based on classes from Sadie Nardini. This week I m using one class from Sadie’s Rockstar Teacher Training, and two You Tube videos. Last month I taught about creating an bedtime ritual, and therefor this month I m exploring morning rituals. So that’s why I chose two morning yoga sequences.
In the first video Sadie does this yoga pose called happy baby (which I won’t explain, but trust me, the way it looks is key to getting the joke), and then says:
“Some call it happy Sadie.(…) Inappropriate!”
And that made me laugh so hard, it will keep bringing joy from now on, every time I do it.

Bad Girl Music



Which brings me to the music this month! I was creating (yes, in a hobby, happy, creative living way) a Madonna cd from her early 90’s work. However, a lot of really nice songs were way too explicit, or too upbeat, to be used in a yoga class. And even if I took those out, I still had 2,5 hours left. A yoga cd is about 70 minutes….
So what to do?
I decided I would make two 70 minute cd’s: one ligit, and one just for fun: The Bad Girl cd
And guess what?
By the time I was done I realized I was so ready to use the Bad Girl one, I wonder if the other one will ever get used 😉
I recreated both playlists on Spotify:
Madonna 90s Yoga Playlist 90s: Secret 
Madonna 90s Yoga Playlist: Bad Girl (explicit)

Become a Yoga Rockstar
Would you like to join my classes in Nijmegen?
You can find all info here. 
Or email me directly at s_beenackers@hotmail.com
Or check my You Tube and practice with my videos.

If you like to take the full course from Sadie herself you can buy Sadie’s Rockstar Teacher Training at Udemy or pay by donation to Sadie personally.

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