week 12/15: Messages from your Inner Self

9200000037499728by Suzanne L. Beenackers 

Last week I wrote a post about how your inner voice can tell you a lot about what you really want, don’t really want, and really don’t want. Regardless of what you actually do with that knowledge (your inner voice is not a career coach! Don’t hold it responsible for your income) it is remarkable how often we (feel free to read this as “I”) stumble, plot, plan or celebrate our way through life without even consulting what the inner voice wants.
It’s one thing to not listen to it.
Or tell it, that you acknowledge its wishes but see no way to honor them right now.
But to go through life without even knowing, but probably assuming, your heart’s desires is asking for trouble.

One of the areas I ve definitely been struggling is my yoga practice. Now I always assumed that because I didnt have a consistent, or even a non-existent, practice, I apparently didn’t really want it. But after last week’s lessons about the innervoice I realized that my innervoice does like having a self-practice. It’s probably just my ego that doesn’t. So knowing this has encouraged me to start looking for ways to get back to it. That doesn’t mean I will succeed- but at least now I know a deep and valued part of me would really like that. That’s worth fighting for.

il_570xN.758299804_lpu0Last weekend I found these cards Crazy Sexy Love Notes in a bookstore. The subtitle is “Messages from your wise and fabulous inner self”. So I decided to buy them and use them in class this week. So we’re taking a break from our 7 weeks of Louise Hay, and concentrating another week on the Inner Self.

And  got a “hell yes!” from my innervoice when I proposed that.


Yoga week 11 = as week 10, so I copied the part below

week 10 + 11/15: Yoga with Sadie Nardini 

For 15 weeks I’m teaching based on classes from Sadie Nardini. This week I m using the classes we did in the first two weeks of November (14 and 17 from Sadie’s Rockstar Teacher Training) and the You Tube class 40 MINUTES EVENING SLOW, and created this month’s pdf’s for home practice.
M Yoga # 7: Playground  (standing pose/ solar)
M Yoga # 8: Forbidden Love  (lying and seated/ lunar) 

Music November (vinyasa yoga)      Madonna 90s Yoga Playlist 90s: Secret 

Become a Yoga Rockstar
Would you like to join my classes in Nijmegen?
You can find all info here. 
Or email me directly at s_beenackers@hotmail.com
Or check my You Tube and practice with my videos.

If you like to take the full course from Sadie herself you can buy Sadie’s Rockstar Teacher Training at Udemy or pay by donation to Sadie personally.

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