week 13+14/15: Help. Thanks. Wow.

help-thanks-wow-anne-lamottby Suzanne L. Beenackers

“When the receiver is ready, the gift appears.”
Louise Hay

A few weeks back I noticed an inspiring book. It contained three essential prayers for non-religious people. At least I thought it said: for non-religious people. But maybe I just made that up. Either way, they were: Help. Thanks. Wow. Especially that last one totally resonated with me. Wow as a prayer! That was brilliant. Wow has a sense of wonder, but it is also a way to say thank you for a gift (whether an actual package or a result or experience you receive). Saying thank you is the day-to-day verbal form (as opposed to a written journal) of gratitude practice; acknowledging you received something or someone did something for you. And asking for help is of course specifying what you would like to receive. So when I selected this week’s topic for class from the remaining lessons in Life Loves You , Learning to Receive struck a cord with me!

It explains how difficult it is to be open to receive. Now this can have multiple reasons. A very practical one – although not mentioned in the book – is: if you don’t know how to say no, or if you feel obliged to keep every gift you get, receiving will be a stressful experience. You ll be weary to open up to receive abundance because you feel you have to then stack any received abundance in your 30 square meter apartment. Including all the stuff you do not want. So if you experience lack, make sure that your house/ wallet/ head has space to receive. And that you feel confident you can say no and say goodbye to what no longer serves you.

The act of receiving is a spiritual one. You can always say thank you. And if you really like the gift, you can say wow. Cultivating receiving things can be a source of joy. Last weekend I celebrated Sinterklaas with my family and the same day my friend was going to a Madonna concert. We 2015 Madonna-Rebel-Heart-Standard-Edition-2015-1500x1500both spent money on this without even considering a budget, as we did with our time and dedication; it was limitless, because we knew this would be the highlight of the year.
And I haven’t spoken to him yet  – but I would be surprised if his December 5 was anything short of brilliant. Why? Because he anticipated on receiving something brilliant. As did I.
By investing and anticipating, making space in your life to receive, you can receive.
By doubting, and arguing, and rationalizing, you’re blocking things.

So specify what it is you need or desire, and when it arrives say Thank you or Wow.

And between you and me? There is a shortcut to receiving exactly the abundance and grace you’re looking for; saying Thank You and Wow before you even receive it.


week 14+15/15: Yoga with Sadie Nardini 

For 15 weeks classes are based on Sadie Nardini. Regrettably, one week fell through because I was sick so I missed week 13. I created this month’s M Yoga pdf’s, and selected a You Tube video from Sadie. I translated this video to the first pdf- Rebel heart.
video Sadie Nardini:
M Yoga #9: Rebel Heart (standing poses/ solar)

M Yoga #10: Life Loves you (lying ans seated/ lunar)

Music December (vinyasa yoga)  Madonna Rebel Heart Yoga Playlist 

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