week 15/15; Play life like a game

Frodo-001by Suzanne L. Beenackers

I remember when I changed my thinking. 1998. it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer felt responsible to engage in whether something was “true” or not; Not if God was true, if the Universe was hostile, if my body was healthy or needed testing. Instead I realized that regardless if something was true, the fact that it was fear-based and disturbed my mental peace was more than enough reason to turn away from it, and to replace it with a happy thought.

I made my shift to positive thinking to experience the immediate joy it brought me. However, 17 years later, I can see how this change has made me stronger in all areas of my life. Whenever I felt overwhelmed by fear, I started doing positive affirmations. And it worked. I’m still more fearful than most (I think), and yet I do not let fear dominate my life. Lately I have gotten even better at this whole thing, or more fun anyway: instead of seeing life or the Universe as either positive or negative, I see it as a game. With different levels, players, obstacles, story-lines; and you never know what is going to happen.  “Only good lies before me.” is a hard core positive affirmation that could scare a way someone new to the practice of using affirmations. But it’s also kind of….boring! But how about; “Everything that happens is an adventure.” ? That leaves room for the bad stuff and makes dealing with it kind of fun. I cannot control what happens- but I can improve my game play! I can train to identify obstacles earlier, giving me more time to think of an appropriate response. I can learn new skills, like you would learn how to use a sword or make potions, that will allow me to handle situations with more ease and will make me a stronger player. If you start seeing the challenging parts of life like a game, it becomes one big Frodo and the Ring adventure; not always easy, you will grow and change, and yes, you will die one day. But that will happen regardless if you go out and save the world or if you choose to stay home in the Shire doing your positive affirmations. And in my Universe you can do both 😉

Life Loves You 2016

For the past weeks I have been teaching from Life Loves You from Louise Hay. The final chapter describes how Louise did not start writing and publishing until she was 50, and she now owns her own empire Hay House, and is one of the founders of positive psychology. She will turn 90 next year, and she invites you to always claim the decade you live in (your 20’s, your 40’s your 90’s,) as the best decade of your life. Now regardless if you believe your body will stay healthier with this kind of attitude, it is undeniable that you can train your mind and develop your personality, in a way that will make any decade better than the previous one. Becoming aware that you can now handle conflicts, and insecurity, that would have scared the living daylights out of you in the past; that is progress.

With the new year ahead, I focus on making space in my life for new experiences. When Louise realizes a new phase in her life is about to start, she moves the furniture around, clears out closets, and literally makes space. I also do things like; doing my paperwork, painting my kitchen, and I ve restarted my daily yoga practice. I want the new year to start fresh and don’t want to carry lose ends or frustration into the new year. I want a clear and fresh start.
So ask yourself:
What are the things you can do to bring closure to 2015, and give yourself a fresh start?


week 15/15: Yoga with Sadie Nardini 

I created this month’s M Yoga pdf’s, and selected a You Tube video from Sadie. I translated this video to the first pdf- Rebel heart.
video Sadie Nardini:
M Yoga #9: Rebel Heart (standing poses/ solar)

M Yoga #10: Life Loves you (lying ans seated/ lunar)

Music December (vinyasa yoga)  Madonna Rebel Heart Yoga Playlist 

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3 thoughts on “week 15/15; Play life like a game

  1. I like the subtle note you make: “regardless if you believe your body will stay healthier with this kind of attitude”… I have to admit that I very eagerly waited for Louise’s book (you know, with an open heart and so on) but I was deeply disappointed. I agree that many of her teachings are inspiring and truly help people, but I felt sick in my stomach at so many points because of the way those tips are packaged (so, the whole context, and all the stuff you need to read until you get one useful line). Let alone the affirmations about cognition during childhood and about curing disease with mindfulness -which I believe does help, but it is deeply misleading at levels that are dangerous for blind, desperate believers. In that regard, it made my “sciency” skin crawl. On a positive note, after reading several chapters I came to the conclusion that I’m possibly one of the most “mindful” beings I know, without having ever been aware of it, and I oftentimes do practices on my own throughout life, and daily, that are similar to those in the book. The second, say, positive thing I extracted from the book is that I had given up the idea of writing a non-academic book, but after Louise’s I think I have the duty to write my own self-help book, backed up with real science, and slightly less sticky. Although that was three weeks ago and, to be quite honest, I had already forgotten about it 😀

  2. I have to add that I haven’t read Louise’s work, the work she has written herself. It may be that, since this book was mainly written by Robert, that it is actually his way of packaging ideas what I dislike. Because when I watch, for instance, the video above, I think many of the ideas are perfectly fine on their own.

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