28 Holiday Yoga Videos

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

photo Sadie 14 day playlistsI m so super excited to share this with you! Whether you re looking for a fierce vinyasa power yoga practice (which you can take at my studio as Rockstar Yoga) or a nice sweet hatha yoga practice: I have created just the perfect playlist for you. Using videos from two teachers that I have taught from the past year: Sadie Nardini and Yoga with Adriene.

14 Day Rockstar Yoga Playlist
from Sadie Nardini
How about 1 every day for the next 14 days? They range from 18 minutes to an hour.

14 Day Yoga with Adriene Playlist.photo Adriene 14 day playlists
Starting with Yoga for the Morning, ending with Yoga for Bedtime, and some feisty longer power yoga practices too (they’re in the middle).

Mix & Match all 28 videos
Sadie and Yoga with Adriene combined. This will be my personal favorite over the holidays.

Hope you have an amazing Christmas!

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.

Oh, wait…. that doesn’t mean much right?



ps: if you live in Nijmegen remember to sign up and use your discount paying before Christmas.
NL: http://myoganijmegen.com/yoga/crazy-sexy-2016/
English: https://mmmyoga.wordpress.com/crazy-sexy-2016/
Or send me an email s_beenackers@hotmail.com




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