5/52 Listen (very carefully…)

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

Confusing right?
After reading the quote I selected for this week’s picture you’re probably thinking:
she could do better. What a slacker.
Maybe Suzanne is suffering from pms, a hang-over, or other signs of spiritual poverty.
Well, guess again? You know what your mind just read?
Give power to what you want.
Your mind does NOT understand a negative. It’s the famous: don’t think of a pink elephant, and then everybody thinks of a pink elephant.

Ironically, as long as it’s pink elephants everybody seems to agree the mind does not understand a negative. And yet, only recently a Dutch Facebook group was initiated to stop violence on social media. And I read people expecting results from detoxing. Or de-cluttering. Or even losing weight.
I ll tell you what results you can expect: toxins, clutter and extra kilos. And more violence on social media.

Last holiday season I forgot this basic universal law and made the resolution to eat less sugar. Every morning I would read my list of resolutions; sugar-low diet.
I immediately started to attract candy, cake and cookies. It was even brought into my house, by the kilo. When I was complaining in class how difficult it was to lessen my sugar intake when I had become a candy magnet, a student was kind enough to point out that I was actually manifesting sugar. First thing in the morning, I started thinking of sugar. Probably already mouth watering. I was emotionally charging my desire for sweets by making a resolution NOT to eat them. And do you know what happens to emotionally charged desires? They have this sticky and sweet habit of coming true!

So hooray for eating healthy, having loving relationships, financial prosperity and living the life of your dreams. Promise me you’ll think a lot about them.

yoga video, music & weekly classes

I made a 13 minute home yoga video. If you want to listen to someone explaining the medieval bow (Thank you Sire!) a Ninja lunge, Karate Kid Asana and that sneaky side crow that comes in two variations but that no one tells you about?
Then this is your video.
Baby M #17 Listen
Unfortunately it does not explain why I m panting like I just ran half a marathon but I make up for it by finishing with an imitation of ‘Allo ‘Allo.

Yoga-Fights-Flab-9781592330584 - newI made something EXTRA!
Two M Yoga pdf’s (longer practices)
It’s based on a book Yoga to fight flab (pop quiz: after reading this blogpost, can you understand what’s wrong with that title?) I covered up the title, and renamed it to the subtitle: A 30 Day Program.

M Yoga #11 30 Day Program solar
M Yoga #12 30 Day Program lunar

The music this week is the album Elements from Einaudi

You can read about my classes in Nijmegen here
or 2016 program Crazy Sexy Yoga here in English, and hier in het Nederlands.

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