From the vault – 6/52 You did it!

I m rereading and updating diary-like entries on this blog, from the past two years. I call it “from the vault”. I’m collecting the entries for a LS Harteveld book called Big (diaries and erotica), about my affair with a man “called” Mister Big. 

Today’s episode I’m saving my teeth. One year later (today) I admire the sugar light diet I set for myself. I have been struggling with chocolate begging, pleading, working its delicious sweet way into my life again since early December. I did completely quit drinking though. Since May.
All other aspects (the bottom teeth moving, to the point I have to learn to speak properly again! 😉 , and the pain in some teeth) it seems to be linked to eating sugar.
I m glad I reread this post. It reminds me my teeth do so much better when I limit the sweet stuff to a day or two a week. 

I stopped sucking my thumb. Not when I was six and my mother started worrying, because she didn’t. Not when I was 10 and my adult teeth started parting. They found their way back in line by themselves. Not when I was 15 and I was a tough teenager. I had that covered by smoking cigarettes. Not when I was in my twenties and you could see my right thumb was smaller than my left, because I had sucked the rest off. No, I quit this year when my bottom front teeth suddenly started turning inwards. I m still not quite there yet, but I think I m at about 95%, but it comes pretty easily. And yet I catch myself barely enjoying this achievement because something new came up: I needed to save my teeth. One had been in poor condition for years, one was fixed last Thursday but it still hurt which meant there was a chance of needing a root canal. And a third would get fixed in March because that one too was already hurting.

I heard myself saying to the dentist: “I already know I will have to go through the ordeal of getting a dental implant (crown with a steel root) at some point in my life.”
An ordeal yes. Not to mention a financial loss of that type of dentistry.
Suddenly I saw this daunting track of dental problems that would only get worse. I had already gone from one problem tooth to three, and I knew I wasn’t doing anything to stop it. Not really.

Phytic Acid

My teeth can do to me what fear of cancer does to normal people: BRING ME TO MY KNEES.
I m currently twenty-four hours into my self-constructed diet. It still allows me to drink alcohol and eat sugar on social occasions and I haven’t excluded all grains yet, but I AM taking measures to remineralize my teeth (I ll get to the grain bit later) and take responsibility for my dental health.

We know sugar is bad. Fruit juice is pure acid. And brushing your teeth right after eating sweets or fruit is bad. Common knowledge. When you start looking for more information about tooth decay they all start with the work of Weston A Price, beginning of the 20th century. He studied indigenous groups (who all possessed strong healthy teeth) and what causes tooth decay within the Western diet.

The two reasons the Western Diet cause tooth decay:
– offers too little fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and too little minerals
– vitamins and minerals can not be absorbed by the body (or are extracted from the body) because of phytic acid.

In case you thought phytic acid was something McDonalds added to their food, or an artificial sweetener used to make candy brightly blue, then brace yourself for this one:
Phytic acid is found in beans, grains (especially the whole grain ones!), seeds and nuts.
Holy crap right?
Butter-Oil-Cod-Liver-Oil-Blend-Cinnamon_largeBrown rice does more damage to your teeth than half a bottle of white wine.
Which might explain why I thought I could get used to this diet 😀

So I m now figuring this whole thing out. The ideal diet for teeth is probably cooked vegetables and animal protein, cutting all grains, sugar, alcohol, all fruit, and all beans or nuts (unless you cook them for hours). And adding fermented cod liver oil to your diet, which is only made in Alaska and costs € 40,- for a bottle, for four months of taste torture. More if you want the cinnamon version with added butter oil. (for insiders: this is the infamous clarified butter = Ghee from Ayurveda!! Great for teeth.)

It was actually one of the sites where a fanatic mother told how she made her children take cod liver oil, that made me want to give up because I didn’t want any part in that. And I also sincerely started to doubt the whole thing when the author of the only contemporary book on tooth decay talked in a video as if his teeth were seriously bothering him… ohmygush…..
I was about to step into a tribe of child-abusing, unworldly, fanatics who skipped dental treatments because they were making a living out of claiming they didn’t need them.
The Curing Tooth Decay diet was in dire need of a make-over and some positive PR.

So I called it The Fabulous Tooth Diet, and decided I would be its ambassador. And its guinea pig. So far it includes cheap over the counter cod liver capsules, fatty fish, regular organic dairy products (when they should be raw and from grass-fed cows), and I m already planning on making my first bone broth. A very good friend of mine has improved his teeth on a vegetarian diet, so it can be done apparently. But let him be ambassador of that then 😀
The general guideline in diets for your teeth, as well as Price’s initial research, is to cut out all grains and sugars and up on animal protein (dairy, eggs and meat). And to cook the sh*t out of everything containing phytic acid.

You Did It!

I quit sucking my thumb which was something I never thought I could do. I always felt sentimental giving up a habit I had since I was still in my cradle. I was convinced it kept me young (still am, really). And yet, when I could play the “stop sucking thumb” card when those teeth started moving around, I was so ready for it. Ready to give it up and happy I had an option. Something I could do. It was empowering. But before I could enjoy my success something new came up; I had to go on a bigger quest when I started to get the tooth aches. Fight a bigger demon. And I almost forgot I had already achieved something.

This is not unique to me, nor to this situation: this is life. This is how it will always be. Because whenever you have achieved something, something bigger is waiting. And you will be ready for it. Imagine you want to graduate; before you even have your diploma, you ll be thinking of getting a job. When you get a job, you ll be focused on doing it well and how to deal with the hiccups of your first month.

Life doesn’t offer moments to reflect and enjoy your accomplishments. Life doesn’t offer peace, and quiet, and contentment…. But I ll give you THREE guesses as to what does 😀


From the vault (update 2017)

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I made a 24 minute home yoga video.
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In class I will work from last week’s pdf’s :
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and I will add some sweet long yin yoga poses. Super sweet, but they will fit in nicely in your fabulous teeth diet 😉 

The music this week is inspired by the movie Amy 
I was going to create a celebration playlist, but found Amy Winehouse singing “It’s my party” and decided I would do a list with live tracks from Amy Winehouse & other songs from the movie Amy.

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