7/52 Nourish Yourself

by Suzanne L. Beenackers

It’s a holiday week! And a very special one because Wednesday is Ash Wednesday; the beginning of the Catholic Lenten season (fasting). This is 40 Days + 6 Sundays on which you take your vows less strikt.

So between you and me: did you know you can create a whole new life in yoda-yoga-240 days? You can check my 40 day coaching programs for inspiration (Dutch site) or to hire me as your personal Yoda.

You can do a 40 Day Program for your yoga, but obviously you can extend it to any area of your life where you want something new and fresh.
It s a two step process. Step 1 is really lengthy and step 2 is super simple.
Get clear on what type of yoga practice you want.
Make that day-to-day. Get your calendar out now and for Ash Wednesday till Easter: on which days are you going to do yoga? At which time? And are you committing to doing videos or going to create your own practice?
Plan to do yoga 6 or 7 days a week.
And plan it to be short so that you re really working on creating a sustainable habit. I recommend 15 minutes a day.
Unless you already have a daily practice (or you re desperate for a new hobby you can throw all your time and money at) there is little use in practicing longer. And most of all, it will put you in danger of dropping out and then you ll end up with “experience”. Which is probably not the result you re after 🙂
So now you have a plan and you have your 40 days (till Sa March 25, Easter), or 46 if you practice Sundays, and you re set for step 2

Yoda’s classes resume Monday February 15.


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