9 + 10/ 52 Choose Love

9 and 10

by Suzanne L. Beenackers/ LS Harteveld 

When you ve finished tidying your books, step back and take a good look at your bookshelves.
What kinds of words leap out at you from the titles on their spines?
The words we see and with which we come into contact
tend to bring about events of the same nature.
You will become the person who matches the books you have kept.
from Spark Joy by Marie Kondo

There is a famous apple experiment. If you browse the internet you can see that it has been repeated by multiple people and always with the same results; cut an apple in half and save both parts in separate jars. Talk positive to one half, and negative to the other. I m pretty sure you can guess how the “bad apple” was doing, compared to the “good apple”.

Elizabeth Gilbert recently wrote a way too long post on her Facebook page (it’s one of the reasons I love Liz – she’s my permission slip to never say in three words, what could be more compellingly said in a thousand), where she analyses the Western habit of self-hatred.
Instead of urging you to turn self-hartred around to being positive, she invites you to do something else: think positive about your negativity. I have used her Extreme Love Experiment for the meditation in final resting pose in my classes, and I will do so again in week 9 & 10. You can find her meditation below.

Tara Stiles' new bookYoga in week 9 & 10

I ve created two pdf schedules based on Tara Stiles’ book Yoga Cures (Nederlands; Yoga Helpt) I ve incorporated all exercises so – at least in theory – we should heal everything now 😉
M Yoga #13  Yoga Cures solar
M Yoga #14  Yoga Cures lunar 
After this week’s lesson we know that it all starts with loving the parts that need healing. And please keep showering them with love, whether they heal or not.
Oh, and check your bookshelves 😉

Final resting pose/ relaxation

From Elizabeth Gilbert, with a firm amount of editing I admit;

I have tried a radical experiment recently. I call it: THE EXTREME LOVE EXPERIMENT.

Whenever I have a dark thought — a “forbidden” thought, like anger, jealousy, resentment, lust, shame, contempt — I immediately say to myself, “I love the part of you, Liz, who is full of anger right now.”

I used to try to banish all those parts of myself. Because they were BAD. They were WRONG. They were UNEVOLVED. They were NEGATIVE.

But banishing the parts of myself that I hated has never worked. The more I try to banish them, the stronger they grow. The more I hated these parts of myself, the more they multiplied. It’s like my self-hatred was fertilizer — creating a dark, warm, nourishing environment for all those “bad” thoughts and impulses to grow…and as they grew, they destroyed me.

Now I just say to the dark thought, “I love this part of you”…and the dark thought loses its power.

I love all these dark parts of myself not because they are wonderful and adorable and perfect and fantastic, but because they are THERE. My dark bits are with me and they will likely always be with me. Just as your dark parts are with you and will likely always be with you. All that is there needs to be loved.

That’s OK.

The Buddha said it better, of course. The Buddha said, “You can search the whole world over and never find anyone as deserving of love as yourself.”

In other words: Be good to you, OK?

Please put down the knife you have been holding to your own throat. You don’t deserve that kind of abuse, and it won’t help.

Just try it. Try saying to your scariest bits: “I love this part of you.”

And then say it again to the next part…and the next part…and the next part…and the next part…and ONWARD.

Good luck in there.


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