The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress

2015 03 drownedmadonna-the-sun-new-picture-rebel-heart-full-1050x625by Suzanne L. Beenackers/ LS Harteveld

I wanted something new. Something awesome. I wanted to have a program for my classes and my writing that would make a difference and help me grow as a teacher, as a woman, as a yoga practitioner.
It had to be sexy, yet clean.
And I still wanted to teach unisex classes, and not use words like vagina, unless it was because we needed a giggle…. But yes; I needed something. Something BIG.
I m not going to end this paragraph joking: I felt like I had a hole inside of me that needed to be filled. But I can’t make any promises for the rest of this blog post 😉 So that’s your warning right there.

A 100 Day Journey

I like 100 Day Journeys. Never completed one, but I like them. Maybe you need to train for it right? Either way, with what I m about to do, a 30 or 40 day challenge won’t work. Because I m going to educate myself in a Taoist lifestyle method known as The White Tigress, and my primary goal is to lengthen my menstruation cycle. Since a cycle is 28 days, and not every month is the same, I need to do this for a longer period 🙂 before I know if it’s working. Also: the book is pretty extensive, and I also bought another book (less obscure: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy by Mr and Mrs Chia) to fill in the holes (oops, there we go again), so I have a lot of studying to do.

To make matters worse, I only just found out that the diet from The White Tigress is diametrically opposite to what I just started eating for my teeth. And while I m writing this I m suffering a violent tooth ache, probably in response to an orange that The White Tigress prescribed!
So to go on this journey with conflicting dietary guidelines is another challenge.
Next to that, I think aspirant Taoist usually spend 9 years or so studying this before they get anywhere.

All in all, I reckoned 100 days would be the absolute minimum in order to get anywhere.

Sign up: The 100 Day Tutelage of Hsi Lai

I crafted a beautiful new blog (with claimed domain name!) so you can follow my journey. I already posted a front page. The blog is free, even though it will be copyrighted material and I intend to use it later for a self-help book I m writing. The 100 Day Tutelage of Hsi Lai is my research project for the book.

So the story 100 Day Tutelage of Hsi Lai will not be included here in this yoga blog, nor will I talk about it much in class. If you want to know all those juicy things, then follow a The 100 Day Tutelage of Hsi Lai ;

What I will do in class, and in this blog, is give the yoga exercises.

Special offer: White Tigress Yoga Classes

The book contains yoga poses, but they’re not clear cut. I will try to make schedules for my 100 Day Tutelage blog (which already has subscribers from around the world), but if you’re a woman and you live in Nijmegen?
Then come to class!

I m offering a reduced rate subscription, for all my classes where I can fit in a mouse or more, and will do my utmost best to place you.
The White Tigress Yoga starts Monday March 7, 2016 – Friday July 1
Pick your class from the schedule below, and mail me (Suzanne) at

If you have a 10 class card and want to switch to use this offer, let me know!
I compensate all outstanding classes for you.
The classes are unisex: guys are welcome. We don’t do weird let’s massage each other exercises or other awkward stuff. It’s just yoga: an attempt to give our Western bodies some help and love and open up a chakra or two.

Oh. Did I just said “open up” again?


reduced rate (offer ends Monday March 7 latest, limited space)

16 classes in 16 weeks      € 160
full-time students            €   80

Class Schedule 2016

All yoga classes are suitable for beginners except Monday 20.30.

M Yoga
location Mo, Wed, Thu, Fri
Wintersoord 12-2, Nijmegen
between the library and Valkhof Park

19.00 – 20.15 Lunar Yoga – relax
20.30 – 21.45 Rockstar Yoga/ Vinyasa Power Yoga – experienced

at Yoga Studio Hazenkamp Hazenkampseweg 26 
19.00 – 20.15 Rockstar Yoga/ Vinyasa Power Yoga – mixed | all levels
20.30 – 21.45 Classical Hatha Yoga | Dutch

19.00 – 20.15 Yoga with Marieke  | Dutch. Register at
Marieke does not teach White Tigress yoga – but you can take her classes or ask me for more info.

_FRM3487 defThursday
19.00 – 20.15 Classical Hatha Yoga
20.30 – 21.45 Rockstar Yoga/ Vinyasa Power Yoga – beginners

10.30 – 11.45 Classical Hatha Yoga

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