11/52 Trust Your Intuition

by Suzanne L. Beenackers/ LS Harteveld 

On my way to class yesterday, I wondered what I could say about intuition. And perhaps about the fascinating difference between intuition, and instinct. It’s something we instinctively understand, yet if you try to give words to it, it suddenly becomes very hard. The two are related, because they both refer to a non-rational feeling or hunch, yet they are very different. And even mutually exclusive: as long as your instincts are in full effect, your intuition will stay dormant. Whereas when your instincts are comfy, your intuition can come out. Until the instincts are activated again, and suddenly all your refined thoughts, your blissful awareness of your inner-self and what you feel on a more subtle level, goes up in smoke. Bye, bye, intuition.

In the theory of the chakras, instincts are related to the lower chakras: your physical survival (1st chakra), survival of the species (2nd chakra) and the ego (3rd chakra).
These three chakras are all related to safety: that your body is safe (1), your tribe (2), and your position (3). The instincts are designed to protect those three areas of your life, but it depends on how strongly these chakras are developed, when the instinct will be triggered or spin out of control.

I know of two highly senior women (one in Suriname, one in Wassenaar, Netherlands) who forgot to tell their children they chased someone who was most likely a burglar out of the house. It didn’t concern them at all. Whereas when the kids found out, they were upset and lost sleep over the incident.

The first chakra of the elderly ladies was strong; they felt a sense of safety and belonging that even convinced a burglar to run. Their instincts to protect themselves were properly functioning, but they could easily let go after. I don’t know the Suriname lady personally, but I suspect that, much like the lady in Wassenaar, her intuition was highly developed and that she would have this seemingly effortless spiritual life. Whereas here’s what would happen to most of us:
– we find the burglar and totally freak out
– we think about what happened frequently and develop a post-traumatic stress syndrome
– we protect our house with a fence, extra locks, and become active for a right-wing party who will take measures against “people like this”.
“I think he was a refugee,” the lady in Wassenaar said kindly. And then she told about the time her husband gave medical treatment to a Chinese refugee and how the man gave them a set of porcelain cups years later.
“He had a weird story, about the wrong house or something. But I think he was a burglar,” the lady in Suriname said matter of factly. She didn’t pass judgement, nor held any grudge, and the day after the incident probably looked exactly the same as all her other days.

The card I m using this week is: Trust your intuition. And the story on the back tells you to trust intuition: your inner-guidance.

But in order to hear the soft whisper of your intuition you must live your life with a sense of safety, and belonging, and have faith that if something happens you ll figure it out. You must trust yourself, and rely on yourself.

The Trust Your Intuition card uses a butterfly as a symbol. It needs clean air, warm sunlight, and an abundance of fragrant flowers before it shows up. So if the rare butterfly of intuition shows up, enjoy it.

intuitive yoga

I m more or less on a life challenge with my new White Tigress blog. This is definitely challenging for me, but it also appears to be a difficult read for some of you. I do try to make it bearable by including sex as often as I possibly can. And I don’t mean just bearable for you 😉
The White Tigress program includes an advanced yoga schedule, but instead of starting with that in class, I made two “regular” M Yoga schedules; one solar and one lunar.
I thought I was done, but it just kept going through my head it needed more work…. so I sat down and started crafting, and now the whole thing is redesigned into 5 sweet colorful mini routines for in the morning, and 5 for in the evening.
M Yoga #15 The AM Work Week 
M Yoga #16 The PM Work Week 
One for every morning and night of you work week.

intuitive videos

51MmirWwsFL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_I ve stopped making home videos with the same titles as these blog posts and the cards. Basically, what happened is that one day I showed up fully prepared to shoot 6 videos, and then instead of changing to yoga clothes, and sticking with the plan, I kept on my regular clothes, including leather pants, and recorded a #GirlBoss series.

#GIRLBOSS (she uses all capitals) is a book by Sophia Amoruso the title alone makes it compelling and inspiring. Just as empowering as doing yoga keeping your leather pants on. So you can check the Baby M playlist for all updates on YouTube or the #GirlBoss playlist. I will be adding part 3-5 in the upcoming weeks (usually every Friday)

You join my classes in Nijmegen or like the M Yoga page on Facebook.



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