16/52 Risk it

by Suzanne L. Beenackers / LS Harteveld 

Do you know why Madonna is so successful? Most experts agree it’s because she works with the most successful people in their field. She has had the best managers to work with, and the best producers, even the best fitness instructors.
But right from the start, she was always the one initiating. For example: she was the one determining Nile Rodgers should produce her second album. She never allowed anyone else to plot it for her. And among the long list of ex-collaborators, there are far more bruised egos and disappointed managers, than there are people she worked with twice.

I said: right from the start.
But what I really mean is: from the start of her success.
Because in her early 20s Madonna lost 6 months of her life, in exchange for a valuable lesson. She had abandoned her dancing career and applied as a background singer for Patrick Hernandez.

This brought her to the attention of two French producers. Telling her she could be a big star, the two men flew Madonna to Paris, put her up in a posh apartment, gave her a car and a driver, and paid her so much money she didn’t know what to do with it all. The singer was there for six months total, during which time she did a little work and a lot of thinking.
(Madonna by Michel Morgan)

She left the two men to return to New York, restarted her career from scratch, now having to learn to write music herself. This time she knew what she wanted; to always stay in charge of her own career. And the rest is history.

My new path

For the past eight months I ve had the pleasure of being what I call “digitally saved”, with others making my yoga videos. In return I could do something for them, so I didn’t have to pay.
The Baby M videos they made for me are spiffy. My favorite is a bleached out filter, that made my Girlboss series so cool! The audio is flawless, which makes the videos a joy to watch.

But what we failed to recognize was that they are unable offer me what I need this year; and I will be unlikely to offer it after! It was exactly like the Madonna story: she was the one leaving them because, although they gave her everything, her career stagnated. But just imagine the chaos if her career in Paris had taken off? How long does one contain someone who is obviously destined to make it on her own, or not at all?

I don’t think I ll ever collaborate with the best of my industry. Because I m even more a solitary creature than Madonna. I like keeping it at the level I can manage myself, in exchange for autonomy and no hassle. So I have no idea if I ll ever let someone else film me, or filter my rumbling stomach from the audio.

But in eight months I learned a valuable lesson: to always keep matters into my own hands. Not because I m a pain in the butt to work with, or because others are, but because some of us will only be happy when they’re fully independent in absolutely everything.
But especially, in their career.

week 16 Risk itClosing note from Suzanne M Yoga Nijmegen

I have the card Risk It with me in yoga class this week 🙂

For 52 weeks I m blogging from the card deck Crazy Sexy Love Notes. Because I plan on shooting videos for my private clients as well as YouTube & because I ve started my new Sweet Sunday classes (just made a special offer for that)
I ve changed my work schedule. Therefor, starting next week this blogpost will go out every Tuesday (new day)

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